Friday, December 19, 2008

Good News...

Hey everyone thanks so much for all of your prayers and support. We got news today that the doctors want to send Bryson home with Oxygen. The Lord has provided for us in so many ways through healing bryson, food for us, and just peace. Now we still pray for healing because obviously he is still requiring oxygen so he still needs a little help. They feel as though he started out with a virus way down in his lungs that created too much mucas which in return caused the bad asthma attack. So now we just will go home keep a very close eye on him and give him oxygen when he sleeps. We have prayed for peace while we are at home because it will still keep us on edge and we will not just be focusing on bryson, bailee and bella will be back in the picture. So please continue your prayers and that the Lord will continue to provide for us as he has so well already. Now I can try to start getting excited about Christmas and get my shopping done. I will keep everyone posted when I can. Thanks again to all of my friends and family who are supporting us.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

ruff day...

WEll I wish i had better news for today. Bryson did so well yesterday and last night and then this morning he started dropping in his oxygen stats again and it actually got pretty scary at one point his numbers were getting a little lower than normally when he would drop. So once again we were back on oxygen and having to do the suction again. My little guy was so brave though he did not want to do it at first but then said ok guys you can do it. Bryson has such a sweet spirit about him right now. Now the bad thing is his lungs sound great there is no wheezing, so the doctors do not know why he keeps doing this. The doctor told us this morning that if he had a good day today we could go home this afternoon, well we didnt after all that. SO I know all of you guys are praying but please continue because at this point im not sure how much more of this i can handle it is so hard to see your child having to go through this, we have so many people praying for him and I know that the Lord WILL HEAL bryson but I just need patience, while we wait on the Lord to heal him. I will hopefully be able to post good news tommorrow. Thanks guys for your prayer support.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Hey guys thanks for all the prayers. Bryson had a very ruff day yesterday (tues). He had to have a tube ran down his nose to his lungs to suck all the mucas out to try and get him better. It took 4 of us to hold him down it was terrible. Today he has had a good day. We have had him up a lot and he even was wanting to run when bailee and bella were here. I have been missing the girls sooo bad so my mom brought them out last night and today. If bryson continues on this path hopefully we will be home this weekend. I will keep you updated as I can the computer in our room is not working right, we need a new keyboard. Thanks again for the prayers and support.

Monday, December 15, 2008

We need prayers......

Hey guys just wanted to let everyone know what has been going on. Last thursday night bryson needed breathing treatments every 3-4 hours and friday morning he was still not breathing well so i took him to the doc thinking we would go in do a breathing treatment get some steroids, and go home. Well after 4 treatments he did not respond so they advised me that he needed to be taken to the hospital in an ambulance because he was requiring oxygen. So they told me it wasnt that it was life threatning but just he could still be on oxygen if we went in an ambulance. So off we go when we get to the ER they started him on an hour long breathing treatment, after that he was some better but still needed oxygen so they told me they will observe him for a few hours and then go from there. At 3:00 they told me they were going to admit him but the pediatrition told me he looked better and that we would go home saturday. Well after David got to the ER I Left to go home to get some cloths and I needed a break from the ER but while I was gone he got worse, they ended up putting in an IV and did some pretty heavy meds thru his IV. When I got back they were concerned how his breathing was again and decided to send us to ICU so off we went and he was on a continuous breathing treatment of albuterol for 12 hours plus oxygen.

So needless to say we were not going home on saturday. Around 12:00 noon they took Bryson off both the albuterol treatment and the oxygen and he did well for 12 hours and then down he went again. We had gotten moved to a regular room saturday night because of his progress. But since he went down and needed oxygen again we were not going to be leaving on sunday as well. Now the bad side effects of the heavy heavy doses of steroids caused really bad night terrors. at one point we thought bryson had lost his vision because he said he could not see me which for us was so scary but it was just that he was not awake. Saturday night he continued to have night terrors and it was really hard on David and I. I was a little unsure of how much more I could take. I just sat there wheeping and asking the Lord to please step in and heal bryson. Well today is monday and I am typing all of this from the computer in our hospital room. Bryson has done well but then he goes down in his O2 levels and he stil is requiring oxygen, so we are now at a point to where we are not sure as to when we are going home. They have started him on antibiotics as if he has phnemonia as well as this real bad asthma attack. We have to work on geting his lung clear and then get him off oxygen and he has to be off of oxygen at least 12 hours before they will let him go home. Our doctor told us tonight that she plans on us getting out of here before Christmas. I thought wow that seems like we might be here for a while but then I was reminded that Christmas is almost a week away. Wow!! So if you guys would just please keep us in yur prayers because we still are not out of the woods we may be here the rest of the week we just dont know at this point. I will try and keep you posted as to how he progresses. Please keep us in your prayers.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Our Weekend

Here it goes Friday night we went to the Christmas Parade downtown, now I know you are thinking it was super cold that night, well it was but we got in a parking lot where we could sit in the car and watch it, the kids still had just as much fun. I got some photo's and a little bit of video of TSU's band I was going to put it on here but you cant see anything it was too dark.

Saturday my washer started acting up I have to stay with it while its running bc it wont spin the cloths so I have to lift them up and rearrange then it does fine. Saturday night we had the 1st of many Christmas parties to attend, the kids had fun even though it was not a kids Christmas party and they behaved that was a plus since we were with all the deacons of the church.

Sunday we had the official merger vote for the two churches of course the vote went through and we are now official Faith Baptist Church. Yeah!! That night we went to Long Hollow for their Christmas Program because mom and dad are in the choir. There we got to see Hovie, and Sondra and Chelsea. WE had a great time and it was so good to see them, and the program was AWESOME!! In the pictures and video its the kids with the presents that Chelsea got for them for Christmas.

Today I got my very first speeding ticket, I could not believe it. I was rushing to music class with bryson and just did not realize I was going that fast. Mow everyone tells me well you do drive very fast. I have been very lucky in these past 12 years of driving, but I will slow down and I will take the course to keep this off my record. Ok well that is what we have had going on. Just wait till my post after next weekend, next saturday is an impossible schedule im not sure how we will pull it off.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Here they are...

WE went a week ago to have family photo's made and instead of paying another 5 dollars to send smiles by wire I decided to just scan them in to the computer. It was our first family photo since we have had bella. Of course Bella would not smile for anything, I did Bryson's 3rd b-day pics 2 months late and Bella's 1st b-day pics 2 months early. Go figure. :) Anyways I hope you enjoy.

Monday, December 1, 2008

What a great time

Well we have been so busy just like everyone else. Our Thanksgiving Day was a great day we headed up to David's grandparents that morning for breakfast and had a great time with them. After that we headed back down to go to my mom's house where all of my family was. I felt a great need for people who dont have family to be with on Thanksgiving and took a meal to one of our shut ins its one of those things that you think you will be ministering to them but then you end up getting more out of it than them. This lady has a care taker and that is who we ended up going to see because the shut in is a very fragile lady and was asleep when we went, but we got to spend an hour with the caretaker and it was a true blessing to get to talk with this lady she was a very Godly woman and I really learned a lot from her. So after that I went back to my moms to join my family, had lots and lots of good food and dessert. It was a great day all around, busy but great. The good thing is I didnt gain too much weight either. Please pray for me because I only have about a month and a half to get the last 16 pounds off to make my insurance deadline which means I need to loose about 4 pounds a week which is pretty hard to do, but im gonna try. Im so thankful for all of my family, and friends and all that God has blessed me with.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Ok well my kids ever since they have seen a baptismal at church that's what they play, well I caught them on video tonight, before they throw their sibling back they say Holy Spirit to God, thats all they remembered. I just thought it was funny and wanted to share with you all.
And yes that is Bailee's head hitting the floor very hard, im suprised she didnt cry. :)

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

what a releaf.....

Well you all know its fall in Tennessee and boy do we have some leaf's. Sunday afternoon David mowed up the leaves that had already fallen. Now since we have a huge tree in our front yard you can not even tell that he did that. The kids have been asking to rake some leaves.

Well today was that day it was a tad warmer so we went out and had some leafy fun. Enjoy.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Fun filled Saturday

Ok well after such a rotten day on thursday I made up for it on SAturday. For my birthday I got a gift card to Dillards day spa. Now let me tell you I have had massage's before but never a facial. My gift card was for an hour service so I chose an hour facial. OH MY GOODNESS, I felt so relaxed that I thought man I can't frown for a week. It was so relaxing. After that I treated myself to lunch by myself to chick fil a since we cant eat there with bryson's peanut allergy and all then after that I went christmas shopping at toys r us since I was by myself.

That night we already had plans to go out to dinner and a movie with some couples from church. It was so nice to go to dinner and of course we went to see Fireproof which if you have not seen it oh my please go it was wonderful. My hubby didn't care about going to see it because he said he was no big fan of Kirt Cameron, but since we were going with a group then he didn't really have much say in the matter. :) But after the movie he said he was surprised at how good it was and that he really enjoyed seeing it.

The next best thing is that ever since the kids spent the night with my parents they want to all the time, last time it was just bailee and bryson but they all 3 were going to stay this time. Wow its so weird to be in the house where usually all you hear are kids and then not to hear that it was strange. So saturday for sure made up for my rotten time last week. I really enjoyed my me time and then my time with friends and david that night. Oh and just an update work was much better today thankfully. I will try and stick it out a little longer. :0

Thursday, November 13, 2008


OK here goes, I have had some pretty rotten times lately, now I know that there are others that have probably gone thru more than what I have but I just cant hardly take it anymore.

As you all know I work at the Parents Day out where the kids go. Well this year has been one stressful year I have 16 kids not so reliable help and just a lot has gone on this year that shouldn't.

Now the other factor is church. WE have merged well unofficially with Alta Loma, which with David being a deacon, on the transition committee, budget and finance, who knows what all else he always has a meeting, or something involving church, now don't get me wrong im thankful he is involved in church but I think sometimes he is too involved when we have 3 small kids at home.

I know I have the life that I have and I am thankful for my family but sometimes life is just too overwhelming like the 3 year old who will not stop talking to me right now while im trying to type. Im just a screaming person on the inside. I feel like all I ever do is try and have a relationship with he Lord things are good for a short time and then poof im back on that road where every time you try to take a step in the right direction you fall in this huge hole in the road and you get up to fall right back into the next one.

I know that the whole time we are here on earth we are not promised a bed of roses but sometimes I want to just go fall in a bed of roses and not worry about all I have to deal with sometimes.

Mentally, emotionally, and physically I'm exhausted. A lot of days I feel like all I do is just say Lord if I just make it thru this day.

Now today at work this other co-worker of mine was so awful to me that I have and am seriously considering whether or not I will return to work there. Now its such a catch 22 because my kids go there and love it, its a little bit of income, but I don't get a break from kids so the only benefit for me is a little extra cash and I keep thinking is it worth it? Is it worth dealing with 16 kids all day and then by the time you get home you have no patience what so ever with your own kids that you yell at them every time they open their mouth?, Is it worth it when you have to bear the load of someone else who just because their having a bad day you receive their wrath???? YOU know its just insane its like when Paul said "I do the things I don't want but don't do the things I should" so I'm faced with the decision whether or not I eliminate this stressful job and focus only on my family or continue in this situation for just a little extra cash? But then am I showing a quitter attitude just because I have a bad day??? Or I should say a bad last 2 weeks!!! SO anyway sorry for the unload but I just have to let it out..

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Nine month update

Well can you believe it Bella was nine months old on the 25th of October and she had her well visit yesterday. SHe weighed in at a huge 16.12 ha ha such a huge weight right. I cant believe this baby is so small im use to the other 2 being in the size of cloths their same age and Bella can still wear a 3-6 month its crazy. Even her height she is like 25th percent. I guess she is going to be short and sweet. :) Anyways the doctor said she looked great. Thats always a good thing. Its so hard to believe how fast it goes with the 3rd child... I remember this time last year and getting so excited about her arrival. Here are some pictures of her over the last few months. Enjoy.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Candy, Candy, and more Candy.....

Ok so I have the cutest pumpkin from the patch, the scariest Dragon, and the best singing Hannah Montana. :) Sorry im bragging too much huh?
We went to nana's house first on Halloween and from there we headed to Moss Wright Park to trick or treat along the trail. This is the first year we have gone there and it was really really nice. We ran in to Meredith, Mark from the old Riverside Praise team's wife, she was handing out candy and couldnt believe that we had 3 kids. Last time we saw her we only had Bailee. It was great to see her.

After that we headed to our church were they were having trunk or treat. The kids have so much candy. Its not good to have around when im still trying to get my weight off for insurance. Also the kids ask every 5 minutes for a piece of candy.

WE carved our pumpkin before we headed out yesterday. It was so funny because Bryson didnt want to touch it. Bailee liked it though she was having fun playing with the strings and seeds.

Friday, October 31, 2008

A camping we will go......

OK so the kids have been wanting to go camping here is how it all unfolded:

Last Friday it poured rain all day, Saturday David had to work but would be off Monday. His big idea hey lets go somewhere close Sunday right after church and we will come back Monday afternoon. OK sounds like a great idea. Well you all know how hard it is to get ready for church with kids anyways, not to mention trying to make sure you have everything for a camping trip, hooking up a trailer and still being late for church no matter how early you get up
Well we made it. We went to Cages Bend in Gallatin a beautiful place. WE had a spot right on the lake and a great view. My mom and dad hung out with us that afternoon and then took Bella home with them.
Let the fun begin..... ha yeah well at 7:00 pm Bryson started throwing up. Yeah right whats worse than having a kid puke while camping... not bad you say well he threw up 2 more times and then went to bed. We thought OK if he will sleep we will stay. We went to be about 11:00 and Bryson threw up once more when we went to bed but went back to sleep. At this point we are sleepy and just think we well will try to stay. Well guess what at 12:00 Bailee wakes up throwing up. Yeah for us right well she gets it all over her pillow and she no longer stops and bryson starts again. I look at David and I say WE ARE GOING HOME. He agrees, throws the tent not neatly folded into the trailer, and accidentally throws away bailee's nice jacket, PJ's and brand new long johns away thinking it was trash but not realizing this until we are in Madison 10 minutes from home UGGGH!! What a time right. Well we get home about 1:45 am get the kids to bed after they puke one more time and get some sleep.

Monday we throw the tent up disinfect it, do like 6 loads of laundry and pick up Bella from my moms house. Sounds OK right.... NOT at 10:30 Monday night guess what? I start puking, and then guess what at 12:30 David starts puking. Oh my can I take much more???

Anyways we rested all day Tuesday felt human again by Wednesday which was my 28th birthday where we ran all day doing errands that had been neglected for 2 days, took bella to the doctor because of an ear infection ugh do we ever stop? Today is super busy being Halloween and all the kids are hiper as if they have already had a full IV of pure sugar. I think the only way to survive is to have one of the sugar IV's myself. :)

SO there you have it another interesting story from our family. I did get some great pics before all the craziness happened. Happy Halloween everyone. :)

Pumpkin Patch

Saturday almost a week ago we went to a local church pumpkin patch. I really wanted the kids to go to a farm pumpkin patch but it just wasnt working out for time sake. But the kids enjoyed the one we went to and I got a few pics. Enjoy.

Monday, October 20, 2008

World Series, Mid-life crisis, and MOHAWKS

Well you all know how much my dad LOVES Florida sports teams, and it just so happens that the Tampa Bay Rays won their 4th game last night which bought them a ticket to the World Series 2008.

My dad had already said that if they went to the World Series he was going to get a MOHAWK. Now the reason is because if you have seen most of the players including the coach has a RAY HAWK. :)

Well David and his part time barber skills gave him his Mohawk. Now I for one thought he did a good job and that the Mohawk doesn't look bad. My mom on the other hand said she will not be seen in public with him :) We were telling him to spike it up too on the top she told us to stop encouraging my dad and be on her side but that would not be too fun. WE also told him for Halloween he should color the Mohawk blue. :)
Enjoy the pics I just had to share. :)

Sunday, October 19, 2008

My 1st Award YEAH

My friend over at gave me my 1st blogger award. THANKS

Now my task is to nominate 7 other blogs, well most of the blogs I read are the ones he nominated but I do have two So here they are

* My friend Kirsten over at She is a great friend, we attended church with her and her family for almost 10 years. I have watched their kids grow, have babysat them, and we may not always stay in touch but thank goodness for blogs because that is the best way to stay in touch.

* My friend Rob over at Rob is my former music minister, also Kirstens husband. Rob in my opinion is by far THE BEST Worship leader I have had!! THanks Rob for all your leadership that you gave us at Riverside. I also love reading your blog, its nice to know that I am not the only one that has spiritual struggles.

Pass on the blog love award. :)

Cool Air, campfire's, and SMORE's

Whats better than that? Friday night it was so cool outside and so as a family we built a bonfire and roasted marshmellows, made smore's and had some good ole fashion family time.

The kids really want to go camping which we are going to do next weekend, but we thought doing one of the fun things about camping before we go would be a treat for the kids. If it involves chocolate and marshmellows they are all in. :)

Now the only thing is they want to do it everynight now. :) Bella even got in on the action, she loved the graham crackers and she did try a marshmellow but didnt like the texture.

Enjoy the pictures.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


OK so all I can say is im worn out. Things have been really crazy around here. Every monday we have Music at 9:30 for Bryson and Bailee has dance that night at 6:00. Not to mention we have to go grocery shopping, go to the bank, post office, and anything else needing to be done for the day.

Tuesday is school enough said.

Wednesday the library or the playground

Thursday School enough said

Friday: Oh friday I know your wondering why im boring you with my weekly schedule, here's why: You see on Friday we always have this idea of going off. Usually to grab a bite of lunch, walmart, nana's house. Just whatever we decide for the day.

Well when we go to Walmart it is always such an ordeal. We are usually there forever because we have to look at cloths, toys, and then get what we came for in the 1st place. Well Friday a week ago Bryson just insisted the I need dish washing liquid, when I didnt and he tried to throw it over in the buggy well guess what happened? It landed hard in the floor breaking it and spilling Palmolive out everywhere. I was not a happy mom at that moment.

That brings us to this past friday the 10th. After running a lot of errands we stopped in at Burger King for lunch, school was out the place was packed. I put Bella in the highchair and proceded to get Bailee and Bryson's lunch out when all of a sudden Bella flips herself out of her highchair hits her head on the table and i grab her moments before she hits the hard floor. WHEWWWWWWW!!!!!!! I felt like the worst mom ever there was. She is so fast and in to everything. She thinks she can eat anything and everything that we eat. She so far has had broccoli, green beans, ritz crackers, yogurt. All with 2 teeth. Im just so thankful that she was not hurt, she cried for a few minutes and was just wanting her food. Go figure. She did have a bump on her forhead for a short time but was gone before we even got home. Its just crazy. I honestly do not know how people with more than 3 kids handle it. Oh and I forgot last sunday we went to the Circus, it was the kids 1st time, they loved it and we had such a great time.

Ok im done boring you with my crazy life.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

More Birthday Pictures...

Here are some more pictures from Bryson's birthday that my uncle glenn had taken. Just wanted to share them because he got some really good pictures.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Happy 3rd Birthday Bryson

Wow it has been crazy around here. Today is Bryson's 3rd birthday. We celebrated Saturday with a Chucke E Cheese party. Boy was that crazy on a SATURDAY!!! Bryson had 3 girls come all the boys couldn't come. Lucky him huh!! The party was a pirate theme so Bryson was all decked out and i was so excited to find the pirate ship cake pan for his cake it worked out perfect. He was scared to death of ole Chuck E Cheese. I could not leave his side when Chucke came out to do the whole birthday scene. We were there for a ridiculous 4 and a half hours, now the party only lasted for an hour and a half but we had so many tokens to use it took that long. Bryson got lots of nice new toys and some cloths and a new training wheel bike and the best of all was his guitar that we got him. It's so cute he will sit around and just strum along on his guitar, he loves it.
Monday we went to grandma and grandpa A's to celebrate with them and they got him a little kid keyboard on a stand with a microphone he loves it.

Today we took cupcakes to school and then when we got home we made a chocolate cake with chocolate icing. WE all had a piece after dinner and it was so yummy. Anyways enjoy the pics and video's. I cant believe my boy is 3. :)

Ok forget the video's i have been trying to post 2 different video's and it is taken FOREVER. I will try again later.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Hairy situation.....

Bailee: Mommy my hair is shedding..

Me: Do what? Come here right now.

Bailee: Why?

Me: Because let me see whats in your hand?

Bailee: "Bryson" told me to cut hair......

Me: WHAT??? I can not believe u listened to your Brother. When do you ever do what he tells you to do?

Bailee: Well he told me to do it first.

In a mad but wanting to laugh voice I sent them both to their rooms. I of course had to take pictures. I knew one day they would experiment with cutting hair but it just took me by suprise today. I was so shocked.

Im sure glad that we are going out to dinner for our Anniversary tonight. WE have been married for 8 years today. Its crazy to think 8 years later and 3 kids who do such silly things.

Anyways had to share my new hair stylist with you.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Gas O Gas where art thou?????

Well if you dont live in TN then u may not have any gas problems but yesterday am David called me and told me I needed to go fill up the van and put gas in his gas can. Well OK so I head out and got to Krogers NO GAS!! I drove all the way to madison, NO GAS. Its crazy so finally I found gas at the opry mills area. I filled up the van and the gas can. I sure hope the shortage doesnt last too long because i may have to walk to work.

Thursday, September 18, 2008


Bella has FINALLY cut her 1st tooth. SHe has been teething for what seems like forever but tuesday we finally discovered her new tooth. The best part about it is she slept thru the night tuesday night. YEAH!!! I guess that little booger was keeping her up all those nights. Anyways I just thought id share in my joy of a new tooth. :) Who can believe that she is almost 8 months it has really gone fast. I find myself thinking wow if we dont have anymore kids this is the last time I will have a little baby to snuggle with and it makes me a little sad. I had said for a while that we were done but as Bella gets older I sometimes think we just maybe will look at having another one when Bella is 3 or something I dont know. But then I have to get over that feeling eventually I cant keep having another baby everytime I get that feeling of I want a little baby to snuggle. How do you ever get over that feeling? Is it that once you are a mother you will never have that im done feeling deep down because its our instincts? OK im done babbling. Hope everyone has a great weekend. I will post a pic of her soon. to go with the post but she is napping right now and did not sleep all day at school.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Like Father Like Son.....

OK so Sunday morning we are all getting ready for church and Bryson comes out looking like the above picture. I told him im not so sure you should wear cowboy boots with shorts and his reply was Well Daddy said it looked ok. UGH!!! David and I do not agree on fashion and for all I know maybe there is no couple that agree's on fashion. None the less I thought it was cute, he got some cute chuckles at church and the best part he thought he looked good. Thats all that matters right!

Oh by the way I was told to make a correction from my last post: Aunt Amy wanted me to state the fact that it was not her that wanted to go back to the beach that it is all UNCLE JOHNS FAULT!!! OK sis in law it has now officially been stated in the blogging world. :)