Monday, June 8, 2009

Well its all over for now.....

Saturday was Bailee's dance recital. My was it so much fun. I enjoyed it way more than I thought I would. Bailee's class when they went out for their Tap routine they all froze and just looked at each other it was so funny. Once Bailee had a break to watch the older kids dance when her class went out in act 2 Bailee was so ready to dance. She was very dramatic in her movements it was too funny. Then they had a big preschool finale and all the preschool classes were on stage and danced to a wiggles song it was just adorable. Now im reconsidering letting her dance at this school in the fall because the recital was just to special and what would be the point in dancing all year and then not having anything to look forward to at the end of the year?

I took some pictures and video but the pictures are not too good because you were not allowed to use a flash so they are as good as it gets. I do have some cute ones of her backstage I will put videos on facebook.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

It's official.....

Well Bailee is officially no longer a pre-k student. She had her graduation ceremony at school last night and then today was the final day. Now when the school year starts up in the Fall she will be in the real deal. Oh my where does the time go?

Bailee has always been such a sweet little girl. From the moment she was born I was in love. I remember being so nervous and thinking how protective I was over her to know that wow I am caring for another human being now. Bailee was always a good baby she was so easy, slept through the night, never fussy when we were out and about, always just went with the flow.

Now when she hit 3,4,and 5 such a different story. Not to say that she is not still sweet but boy does she have an attitude, she is sassy, and all I know when she is a teenager I am so in trouble. Now I know you are thinking she is my pay back well not really because her baby sister is making up for that in her own way. I guess all my kids are payback in some way form or fashion.

Anyways on to the ceremony last night. It was a great time, they had made the whole class shirts with a class photo on them so adorable, they sang some songs, and had their officially diploma giving time. It was very precious and something to cherish. I have lots of photo's and video that I will post on facebook only because the blog takes way too long on video's. But I did scan in her little preschool diploma. I felt sorta gloomy yesterday because I feel like such a new part of life is starting with Bailee and that its all just going too fast. I know they all grow up but I just think about all the things I have rushed her through and think I should have just slowed down and enjoyed the times we were in. So anyways check facebook for photo's and video later on.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day

Memorial day was an awesome fun day! First we started with a yummy breakfast sausage gravy and biscuits with bacon. Next we played in the sprinkler, picnic lunch, played on a slip-n-slide, nap time, more slip-n-slide, snow cones, pizza for dinner. Yeah packed full of fun. I love being off and making memories with the kids, there is nothing like it. The kids told us over and over how much fun they were having and how it was a great day! That is what every parent wants to hear!

On Tuesday we had Parents Day Out, a dentist appointment, errands, grocery shopping, you know all the fun stuff. Well lets just say I was not happy leaving the dentist office. Bailee has 4 cavities. One of them is so bad she will need a crown, good gracious it is going to cost us 511 dollars even after insurance. I am cracking down, I told Bailee no more candy, sugar free gum only, more water to drink and lots of brushing and flossing going on. Its just crazy to spend this kind of money on baby teeth but I feel like we need to fix it as well because she will need a good base for her permanent teeth. I always had crowns and cavities as a kid and so apparently I have passed down another not so good gene! Oh well I will call around to different dentist and see what my options are. Anyways I hope you enjoy the pics from our fun time.

P.S. th epics of the strawberries and the fish tank I probably havent written about. THe fish tank is Bailee's Birthday gift 2 months late. She picked out a guppy fish and some type of African Frog. Yes just 2 more mouths for me to food yeah me right. Then the strawberries are from when we went strawberry picking last friday! That was o much fun. We have made lots of goodies from them. Check out my other blog for what we have made and pics as well.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Caterpillars and Butterflies....

So today I was thinking I was going to stay home because we have been so busy! But I thought I need to have something fun for the kid's to do otherwise they will be climbing the wall or not getting along. So I was looking online for crafts and cooking crafts to do with my kids at school and found the very tasty caterpillar.

Now please know that my caterpillar's looked like snakes instead, but that's OK the kids still loved it. I made 3 total one for my kids at school tomorrow and then that left 2 for us. They were very small circles but I didn't want them to be very big. We are going to be talking about the life stage of a butterfly tomorrow at school so I though how appropriate to make this caterpillar pizza to have at lunch and then butterfly cookies for dessert. I always like trying things out at home before I do them at school, the kids always love the chance to get in the kitchen and help me cook. They had a blast helping and playing with the flour and left over pizza dough. My flour was a mess after they dumped flour in the floor but that's OK it was cleanable. If that is even a word. :)

So after nap they got to decorate the cookies, I decorated the ones going to school tomorrow and you will see why after the pictures of bailee and bryson's decorated cookie's. :) All in all it was a fun day, now I'm not so sure I got any rest like I was hoping for but oh well there is always tonight! I'm going to be a heathen and not go to church, get early baths, dinner, and kiddo's off to bed earlier! Whew I'm tired just thinking about all I have to do tonight! I would not have it any other way though!

Friday, April 24, 2009


I love Spring, its beautiful with the flowers blooming, the grass becoming green again, its just such a new feeling. I do not like the Tornado aspect of Spring but it just comes with the territory. Now Spring for 2 of my children health wise is probably not their favorite. Bryson and Bella have had a hard time with everything blooming and the weather warm one day then cold the next. Bella began with the wheezing first. She woke up on a Monday night with this very strange breathing so I start breathing treatments and sat up with her until midnight to make sure she was ok. Well her wheezing continued that week by Friday she was having not so pleasant diapers because of the pulmicort and finally after a complete week of wheezing is better. Of course she does go this coming Monday for her 15 month well visit gosh that is hard to believe.

Now for Bryson he just started wheezing this week at least it wasn't both of them at the same time they traded off weeks. I always now when Bryson is not feeling well because he just lays around and sucks his thumb. He has not gone into the full blown wheezing but has the tight chest and runny nose and a very hoarse(spelling?) voice. They want to still be outside all the time and I hate to not let them but it is just not good for their allergies. So I have to choose whether we stay in and don't enjoy the nice fresh pollen air or go out and take that chance of multiple runny noses, watery eyes, and wheezing. Well we usually choose to go outdoors who wants to stay in on such a beautiful day.

Things have been somewhat better since my last post of Lots.... I decided that I was going to put us on this regimented schedule at home because I am always running around rushing the kids to get ready and we just have this mass frustration and anger flowing through the house. Plus I know with Bailee starting Kindergarten in the Fall we need to have a better way of getting ready and out of the house than just rushing to get dressed, no time for breakfast, just chaos. So the whole schedule thing is working out great and things are less stressful.

I can not believe that next week I will be registering my baby girl for Kindergarten where did these 5 years go? It has flown by. I look back and think how much time have I wasted on stuff that didn't matter and to just relish the time with her before she is off to school. I know now that I need to do that with the other 2 that are right behind her growing up just as fast.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Well here goes, Friday March 27th we had Bailee's Fancy Nancy Party it was a huge success. All the girl had a great time and so did Bailee. At 3:00 pm the hot water heater went out oh lovely!! We call a plumber who comes out at 9:00 pm and tells us yes you need a new one we can do it parts, labor, heater and 10 year warranty for $1235. Oh the joys of being a homeowner. Thankfully we still had some tax return money, but it was vacation money!!! Anyways that next day they are there putting in the new one. Boy do we have hot water. At 3:00 that afternoon I had scheduled a spa party like I needed to have another party that weekend!! Hello what is wrong with me? The party was fun, but then we got all these Tornado warnings and yes take cover all this bla bla bla stuff, the news people are really getting to were they are so overreactive. Yes im still just as afraid of tornado's as always but good grief they go overboard.

So that was a very busy 2 days. Then I remembered oh yeah we volunteered to keep two seminary students overnight on Sunday. I had told them to just use us as a backup well we were needed. SO now im off to washing towels, changing sheets, cleaning the house up once again. We had some of the sweetest girls to stay with us they were awesome I totally enjoyed them being here. My kids loved them too, Bailee keeps referring to them as the sweet girls that stayed with us. That Monday I had to have them at the church by 10:30, Bailee and Bella had a doc visit at 11:00, I had the grocery store, Dance, and all kinds of stuff to do that day. Whew I feel tired all over again just thinking of how tired I was. Tuesday of course was school, Wednesday we went to the park with bryson's friend emillie, Thursday was school, Friday we of course did our usual running around, Saturday I had rehearsal for a drama I was in at church.

Now let me slow down and explain this drama. I was to have this monologue of inner thoughts about being a stay at home mom and all the stresses I feel. Well this was a piece of cake for me I told them you will be getting the real deal here!! My monologue was as follows:
"Mom, Mom, ugh if I hear that one more time im going to change my name. On days like today when the kids just wont get ALONG, and the baby will not stop SCREAMING I could very well loose my mind. There is all this pressure on me to be a mom, a wife, take care of the house, cooking, cleaning, mounds and mounds of laundry, changing diapers. I spend all day meeting everyone's needs. But what about my needs? just because im a mom does not mean I dont have needs. Like to be able to go to the grocery store and not hear MOM HE HIT ME, or MOM I GOTTA GO PEE, or trying to keep the baby from once again wiggling herself out of the strap and standing up in the seat of a moving buggy!! Im just so tired!!"
After my monologue 3 other people said theirs then the Jesus Character came to each one of us for us to pour our cup into His and our song director told me he wanted me to give Jesus attitude like it was just someone else coming to bother me, attitude I can do but it felt weird doing it to a Jesus character. But anyways it turned out to be a great drama, everyone said they thought my part was funny, I told them that was my life.!!

So now that brings me to this week. Monday was not so busy, Bryson didnt go to music because once again he was not cooperating at all and I was not about to go and put on this fake happy face at music as thought i was bubbling over with Joy to be singing songs with my son who at the moment I just was really not happy with. Bailee did not have dance that night yeah! So during their nap time I thought I have got to come up with something to get him to cooperate with me every morning because its like that every single day and it just makes my day just start horrible. So I came up with a reward system where they earn play money and at the end of the week they can buy things that I have gotten from the Dollar tree such as candy, pencils, stickers, and so on. Well Bryson said im going to cooperate. Tuesday morning when I go in to wake him for school, I thought to myself yes its going to work, He earned a dollar because yes he did cooperate.

Now so much for my wishful thinking because we get to school and we start having a melt down about something he wants to do I tell him NO and what his options are and he just continues in this horrible fit of ugliness!!!!! So it of course just escalates to a very unhealthy ugly scene with me crying and all upset, its time for kids to be arriving at school and I cant even hold it together to deal with my class. I am just so tired of all this, I feel like getting in the car and taking 3 days to myself, just to regain my sanity. I am trying all these different things to make this behavior stop and it all seems to be a failure!! I am standing my ground with them and following thru on everything I tell them will happen if they dont act right and that is killing me worse than just giving in....Im not so sure I can make it through this stage!!! I know that once we get past this that it will be so much better in the long run but OH MY LORD I NEED HELP making it thru till then. OK im so sorry that I have vented and posted such a long post but I feel better now. I will post pictures from Bailee's party and then I also have pictures from the park but I will post them on another post since I made this one so long!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Yes I am still here.....

OK I know I have really neglected the blog, I have such a hard time finding the time anymore. We have just had this wave of sickness that just keeps circulating through everyone. Well we have been busy as usual, of course you saw all the few new things we got for v-day, we also have a few other things that we are excited about, I now have a very nice Kitchen Aide stand mixer, I have wanted one since I started all the cake baking and David surprised me with it Monday night, so to try it out I made homemade cinnamon rolls, now I got the recipe from David's grandmother and trust me they are not as good as hers I don't think anyone could ever make them as good as she does, but they are very close. David's mom also had a hot tub that she needed to sell so she sold it to us for a very very cheap price I don't think you could ever end up with a hot tub for what we paid for it. Anyways its a 4 person soft tub so there are no seats its just soft on the outside and inside, its pretty neat. I wasn't really wanting to get it because I said when will we ever have time to just go relax in the hot tub with 3 kids? Well it has been good for our relationship because we make the kids go to bed on time each night and then that still gives us 20-30 minutes to relax if we want.

The first night David had the water way tooo hot he had it set on 104 I started feeling sick and got out. It was in the 30's outside but boy it felt great after being in such hot water. Last Friday Me, David, Mom, and Bailee got in there at first Bailee didn't know if she wanted to but since David lowered the temperature greatly she was able to get in so now she loves it and says hey lets get in the hot tub we started a bad thing. :0

Next is we painted our bedroom. Now it has been 5 years since we painted our room and it was long overdue. When we painted our room last was right after my miscarriage before we had Bailee and so I always associate it with that, so I told David Saturday we need to paint this room. I just love the brown and blue together so we went to Walmart and found a new comforter and then went to Lowe's to have the paint matched. Now let me tell you, we took the paper from the bedding set in and they matched it exactly with the paper. Well when we went to paint the brown it looked exactly like a can of melted milk chocolate but we thought well it will be pretty with the blue and it will match. WE paint the brown then the blue and I absolutely love it. Well we still have 2 other walls to paint because we cant move all of the furniture out so we have to do 2 at a time but I was able to get a picture of the wall that was done, well I say done but we have to bring the blue and brown to match up so there wont be the white space in the middle. After we are done painting we take the tarp off the bed to see how nice its going to look and boy were we surprised to realize that the brown in the fabric is not the same in the picture. The fabric brown is soooooo much lighter. Oh well it matches out sheets to a tee. It still looks good we just have to finish the other 2 walls now.

So then now to the current state Bella has a very bad respiratory viral infection where she is wheezing, and breathing very heavy so we are doing breathing treatments and they are going to watch her closely to make sure she does not follow in her big brothers foot steps with the asthma. It has just been crazy around here. I'm so ready for spring and warm weather.

Bailee will be five in a week and 4 days, it is so hard to believe. I can not wait till her birthday party. She is having a Fancy Nancy party and we have gotten feather boa's, pearl necklaces, fancy pens, all kinds of stuff. She is very excited as well. We go on the 23rd to tour the school where she will go to kindergarten and she is absolutely thrilled about that. SO no it will not be almost a month before I post again because I will have lots of fun pictures from her party to share with everyone. So stay tuned.....

Friday, February 20, 2009

Our Valentine Gifts

Thanks to tax return David and I went shopping last saturday to pick out our valentine day gifts. WE had already wanted a Flat Screen TV for the living room so David found his. Then while were at HH Gregg they had a wonderful sale on smooth top stoves. So guess what that is what I picked out. So last night I said ok im going to take a picture of our gifts. So first I picture my stove, and then I go to take a pic of the tv and right when i snapped the photo this hot chic comes on a suave commercial and David said yeah thats perfect tell everyone that's what I got for V-day, we laughed so hard bc it was just perfect timing the way it happended.

The other fun thing was we had the perfect box to make a little house for the kids to play in from the stove, I always wanted to do that as a kid but never did being an only child. So I had just as much fun as the kids cutting our a door and windows then I said oh lets paint it and decorate it. We had so much fun, I pretended that they were the little pigs and that I was the big bad wolf and I would shake their house and they would scream and laugh the most adorable little belly laugh. Remember when I said I was going to make every minute of everyday count well I did last night.

Here are the photo's of our new gifts to each other. I could not get them to move sorry they are at the top instead.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


I have to get this off my chest. I received a phone call from my boss that a little girl in my class her mother passed away unexpectedly last night. I just had a major reality check that we never know when it is our last day. I'm so heart broken and at a loss for words for how this feels. I have so many conflicting thoughts going through my mind that im not even sure how to process those thoughts. Her mom had a real bad ear ache and they gave her medicine and then she went into a coma and then died. I was then told that she actually had bacterial meningitis. Because it was contained in her ear it was not contagious as normal. The health department and the CDC said that we would not be at risk. Their 2 girls tested negative as well for bacterial meningitis. It's so hard to understand in times like this why these things happen and I know we are not to question God and I know He will work all things for the good. It is still so hard to not wonder why these 2 little girls no longer have their mommy here. The girls do not understand that their mommy is gone and I know that they will not understand until they are sick, or scared, or sad. That void will be there no matter how much love their daddy shows them. It has just really made me think that I must cherish every minute with my family and make every minute count because we never know when it will be our last. You know you have heard sermon's on this before but it never really hits home until something like this. It's just one of those things where you want to say this just really STINKS!!!! So please remember the Mooney Family as they mourn, and deal with a whole new way of life.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Were Still here

OK sorry that I have neglected the blog but im just addicted to facebook. Also I have not really had anything to post latley because everyone has been sick and so I have been very busy taking care of all the sick one's. SO hopefully by next week I will have a new post or some photos of the kids we are suppose to have 2 playdates next week so im sure I will have a few photo's from that. Talk to you all soon.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Annabella Elaine is 1

Wow how this first year flew by with Bella. It is so hard to believe that it has already been a whole year that I gave birth to her. I feel like it was just yesterday. She is such a joy to have, she loves to climb, wiggle out of her high chair no matter how tight you get the strap on the chair, and she loves her binky.
Saturday we had her party and it was so much fun. I picked out the cutest birthday pattern, it was 1st birthday princess. It was all so cute. My favorite thing was the shirt we found that said her royal highness is 1. It came together just perfect. The only thing I was disappointed about was the cake pan. I wanted the princess tiara pan, but they did not have it at Michael's so I had to go with the princess carriage pan instead. David kept bugging me saying that it looked like a baby carriage. Well you know how hubbies like to bug us and give us a hard time, well that is his favorite thing to do. :) Anyways we had all of our family here, yes even Aunt Amy and Uncle John came in from out of town for the fun time. Bella loved the cake we didnt even have to show her what to do she just dug right in. She was so amazed at all of us singing to her. She thought that was pretty neat. Opening presents she went right to it, she did not forget Christmas.
Later that night when the sugar kicked in boy was she hyper. The girl was walking and crawling in circles and laughing and just being so silly, it was so funny.
I am so happy the joy that Bella brings to our family it is just amazing what she is doing at 1 compared to what the other 2 did at this age. She is so independent and wants to do things her own way, Im gonna have fun right. :) Anyways hope you enjoy the pictures of my sweet Baby girl or should I say my sweet 1 year old.

Friday, January 9, 2009


This week has been hard trying to adjust back in to all the things we do in a weeks time. MOnday was back to the music at 9:30 and Dance at 6:00, school on tuesday and wednesday I was just going to veg and clean on the house but then Bryson's friend emily wanted us to go to story time and the indoor playground at Cornerstone in madison so I said ok the kids will enjoy that. Now at this time I had no idea that the wind felt about like 2 degrees it looked so nice outside and sunny but boy it tricked me, but anyways off we went and had a good time.

Now this playground is great there wasa little area that bella could play at and most of the kids that were there were not any older than Bailee so it was nice because there wasnt a massive amout of older kids running them down. Now for my son he is so funny about these things to crawl thru. For him to be a boy he is sure not one to try new things. He did not want to go to the top to slide down. Even with the help of Bailee and his friend Emily he was just not going to go to the top. Oh well his loss. So we were sitting there thinking how on earth are we going to get these kids out of here when of course it occurred to us a great way to get them to leave without having this massive screaming I DON'T WANT TO LEAVE!! was hey lets take them to McDonald's an all time favorite with my kids. Now let me tell you this my kids have been bugging me since Sunday to go to McDonald's because our nursery worker told them McDonald's was giving away 2 happy meal toys (like one is not enough) and I have been trying to tell Bailee now it was probably just the one that they had gone to doing that so I was very happy to be able to PROVE A POINT!! Well that all ended very quickly...while I was gone to get our lunch while Emily's mom sat with all the kids there was this sweet little old man that worked there and he just felt that he should give BAILEE a shrek baby doll. So I come with lunch and tell them when they are done eating they may have their toy. SO I give them there toys and of course Bailee's is another Shrek baby and then of course my loving daughter says see mom I TOLD YOU THEY WERE GIVING 2 AWAY!! UGH that sweet old man I really proved a point here!! All me and Valerie could do was laugh because I had to try and get it thru that McDonald's was not giving away 2 so that my kids did not want to eat there everyday for the rest of this month. I was just sure my plan was going to work. Well as you see it failed miserably. :) Now the number of Happy Meal toys continue to grow in my house, and NO I am not going to McDonald's today :) Hope you all have a great weekend.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Im back.....

Hey everyone sorry it has been so long that I have posted but our computer crashed and I was not able to log on to update everyone. THis will be a long post sorry.

Ok so the last time I posted we were getting to go home with oxygen. WE were very excited to be at home and Bryson was so happy to be home as well. That first night went well, the next day we had to take him in to see the doctor the next day to check his numbers, he was still at 87-91 in his O2 levels the doctor was not too worried she told us to continue the oxygen and for me to bring him in on that monday. So all went well Bryson still acted ok so Monday rolled around we went to the doctor but not so well this time. His numbers were even lower he was anywhere from 85-78 they put oxygen on him and he was not increasing in his O2 numbers at all. So I could see the worried look on the doctors face. They took some blood and said they thought we should go for a CT scan of his chest and get a better look than what x-rays were not showing. But then the doctor comes back in after they got the lab results and she tells me im going to scare you but I have to tell you what is going on. She continues to tell me that she feels this is no longer a respiratory problem that we have to purse it as if there is a problem with his heart and also there is a possibility that it is leukemia because his white blood cell count jumped form 1300 to 2300 so naturally that upset me greatly. She called David and told him to meet me at the ER. SO off we go once again thankfully this time we didnt have to ride in an Ambulance thankfully for my pocketbook. Once we get to the ER his O2 numbers we unbelievably great he was sitting at 95 and asleep he hadn't been that the whole time all this started. The did an ultrasound on his heart and more lab work to check for the leukemia and then we waited, and waited, and waited what seemed like an eternity to get the results. Finally after about 4 hours they come in and say all the test are normal. PRAISE THE LORD David and I couldnt have been any happier. We know that on this Monday the Lord finished the healing work he was working on for Bryson. We had prayed and prayed and had multiple people, churches, and pastors praying for Bryson and on that Monday the Lord spoke and said I have heard your prayers but no one is praising me, so we began to praise God for all He had done, was going to do and was doing and that is when Bryosn received his healing.

We got to leave the hospital that night and ever since then Bryson has been his old self plus some. :) We had a great Christmas just happy to be home with all of our family back together. The day after Christmas they doctor wanted bryson to still go for that CT scan so when we got there as soon as he was placed on the pulse machine his number was 98 Praise GOd again that confirmed to us that Healing had taken place. Of course the CT Scan was normal and I took him back to the doctor just 2 days ago and he was still 98-99 it is so wonderful. The Lord has done so much for us through this time of trials that all I want to do is live more for Him and share in the great news of what God is capable of doing, if we just follow Him and listen to Him. We will revisit the allergist and test Bryson for some more allergies and look at seeing his pediatrician in about 6 weeks. We feel that the Lord has healed him of his asthma as well, this kid takes deeper breathes than we have ever seen or heard him take. Thank you for all that was in prayer for our family and all your thoughts it is such a wonderful thing to be on the other side of all this now.

Now about our Christmas. ON Christmas Eve david's mom and step dad and grandmother came over and we had Christmas with them and then later that evening my parents came over and had Christmas with them. My children are so spoiled my mom said she was cutting back this year but it didnt seem that way to me. On Christmas morning we had to wake the kids up at 8 to see what santa brought and they were so excited to get there 3 thing from santa. Bailee got a ton of Hannah Montanna stuff and my uncle and his new fiance got her some HM pjs and she wants to wear them every night. For lunch on Christmas day we went to my moms to be with all of her family then that evening we went to the Adkison's house to have Christmas with them. It was a great time of being together with family and I love the way Bailee put it she said Jesus is the important part of Christmas and Santa is the fun part of Christmas.

Now its a new year and a new start I have only 4 weeks to get the rest of my weight off for insurance, Bella is trying to walk, I have to take care of that lovely speeding ticket I got before all this happened, plan Bella's 1st b-day party, and adjust back in to school next week. Wow sounds like a lot. Happy New Year to all my friends.