Wednesday, December 26, 2007

4 weeks to go

Ok so now we are down to just 4 weeks to go. It will be here before we know it. I looked like a big walking candy cane on Christmas with my white and red stripped shirt but that's ok. I feel like the last 4 weeks seem to take the longest but maybe with 2 other kids to chase around then maybe it will be fast. Keep me in your prayers we still have a bit to do to prepare for our new bundle of joy.

More Christmas pictures

Ok so here are a few more pictures. Even Bella got some presents and so her sister helped open her gifts.

Whew Christmas went by fast

Our Christmas celebrating started on Friday and lasted until Christmas night. The kids got so much that they don't know what to play with first. Friday we got Christmas gifts from Aunt Amy and Uncle John in the mail that is the first round that day. That afternoon we had Christmas with their cousins Lauren and Monna. There was no gift opening again until Monday afternoon we had Christmas with David's mom and her family and the kids were just beside themselves to open their gifts. They rushed everyone to eat so we could get to the good stuff. Then that night we had Christmas with Gran Gran and Banky which as before they rushed us to eat to get to the good stuff. Christmas morning the Kids or should I say Bailee woke us up at 7:15 and we had to wake Bryson up at 7:30 and they went in to the living room to see what Santa had left. That was a lot of fun. Bryson actually thought Santa was going to be in the living room waiting on us. Then we had a nice breakfast with Gran Gran and Banky. Ok so then we got ready to go to my moms house for Christmas with her family we had a ten ton of food and I totally over ate. Then off to Greenbrier at 5:00 to be with David's grandparents. Whew lots of fun huh? Well it was and I am just thankful that we have so much family to celebrate with. I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas and enjoy the pictures.

Friday, December 14, 2007

6 weeks and counting

Ok so we only have 6 weeks before we welcome our new baby girl into this world and my nesting mode is kicking in. HELP I want to clean some of the silliest things and everytime I start cleaning I start having BH contractions. Why is it that we get this OCD cleaning mode towards the end of the pregnancy when that is the worst time because there is no energy what so ever. So if anyone has any suggestions like a cheap house cleaner that will come in and clean my nitty gritty areas let me know :). Have a great weekend.

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Oh Christmas Tree Oh Christmas Tree

The kids are so excited about Christmas and they want to wear their Christmas shirts everyday. I have to come up with a new story for Bryson just to get his santa shirt in the wash. He even actually slept in it last night. But the kids just looked so cute yesterday so I decided to take their picture by the tree and I wanted to share with you all.

Oh the things kids can do

This is sort of an older thing that happened back in the summer but I was going through pictures and found the evidence of them filling the sink full of water and bubbles. They thought it was so funny. The put toilet paper in the drain and then left the water running and just kept pumping the soap in. I was in the other room doing something and I knew they were suppose to be washing their hands but after so long and they didn's come out of the bathroom I knew something was up. I couldn's believe it when I walked in they just laughed.

Leaves, Leaves and More Leaves

Ok so finally the big tree in the front yard finally lost all of its leaves and the kids were so excited to go out and rake them and jump into them. They had a lot of fun. Last year Bailee wouldnt even jump in them but this year she loved it. Bryson wasn't so sure at first but then he started having fun.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Puke, Puke and more Puke times 2

Ok so the old saying what goes around comes around right? Well last night Bailee had us up throwing up. But I have to say she is older and can make it to the toilet so it was a little easier. So all I can say is im not ready for the actual winter sick season because we have had a fair share already. I just pray me and David dont get it because we cant afford for him to miss work and then I cant afford it because im pregnant. Sorry once again no pics im sure your glad.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Puke, Puke and more Puke

OK so those of you who have kids will know that it is no fun to wake up at midnight with a child who has thrown up all over themselves and the bed. And to top it all off being pregnant I couldn't hardly handle the smell nice I know for my graphic description. So I decide this is the first time ever that I can not handle throw up with my kids. As I go to the bedroom to wake up my hubby who just will not wake up I have to shake him to get up and then he's like what??? Like a grumpy bear who has been awaken out of hibernation. I said no I'm not in labor but your son has thrown up and I cant do it. So he stumbles out of bed and I try to help as much as possible so I say OK me and Bryson will sleep on the futon, bad idea for a pregnant woman to sleep on the futon. I cover the pillows with towels to protect them for the next puke time. But does he make the towels? Of course not he throws up all over the couch where we have to sleep, there is no where else to sleep because we are not going to sleep in the bed it will be too crowded. So end of story we cover the whole couch with towels and keep the puke cup in hands reach for the next episode. Oh and the kicker of all David waits to tell me that oh yeah when he was eating that chicken nugget it smelt awful!!!! OK so why didn't he inform me of this at the time he was eating we could have avoided the whole throw up scene. Oh well he threw up 4 times and that was it. UGH glad that night is over. :) Sorry I have no pictures I know you all would just love that huh? :)