Thursday, March 12, 2009

Yes I am still here.....

OK I know I have really neglected the blog, I have such a hard time finding the time anymore. We have just had this wave of sickness that just keeps circulating through everyone. Well we have been busy as usual, of course you saw all the few new things we got for v-day, we also have a few other things that we are excited about, I now have a very nice Kitchen Aide stand mixer, I have wanted one since I started all the cake baking and David surprised me with it Monday night, so to try it out I made homemade cinnamon rolls, now I got the recipe from David's grandmother and trust me they are not as good as hers I don't think anyone could ever make them as good as she does, but they are very close. David's mom also had a hot tub that she needed to sell so she sold it to us for a very very cheap price I don't think you could ever end up with a hot tub for what we paid for it. Anyways its a 4 person soft tub so there are no seats its just soft on the outside and inside, its pretty neat. I wasn't really wanting to get it because I said when will we ever have time to just go relax in the hot tub with 3 kids? Well it has been good for our relationship because we make the kids go to bed on time each night and then that still gives us 20-30 minutes to relax if we want.

The first night David had the water way tooo hot he had it set on 104 I started feeling sick and got out. It was in the 30's outside but boy it felt great after being in such hot water. Last Friday Me, David, Mom, and Bailee got in there at first Bailee didn't know if she wanted to but since David lowered the temperature greatly she was able to get in so now she loves it and says hey lets get in the hot tub we started a bad thing. :0

Next is we painted our bedroom. Now it has been 5 years since we painted our room and it was long overdue. When we painted our room last was right after my miscarriage before we had Bailee and so I always associate it with that, so I told David Saturday we need to paint this room. I just love the brown and blue together so we went to Walmart and found a new comforter and then went to Lowe's to have the paint matched. Now let me tell you, we took the paper from the bedding set in and they matched it exactly with the paper. Well when we went to paint the brown it looked exactly like a can of melted milk chocolate but we thought well it will be pretty with the blue and it will match. WE paint the brown then the blue and I absolutely love it. Well we still have 2 other walls to paint because we cant move all of the furniture out so we have to do 2 at a time but I was able to get a picture of the wall that was done, well I say done but we have to bring the blue and brown to match up so there wont be the white space in the middle. After we are done painting we take the tarp off the bed to see how nice its going to look and boy were we surprised to realize that the brown in the fabric is not the same in the picture. The fabric brown is soooooo much lighter. Oh well it matches out sheets to a tee. It still looks good we just have to finish the other 2 walls now.

So then now to the current state Bella has a very bad respiratory viral infection where she is wheezing, and breathing very heavy so we are doing breathing treatments and they are going to watch her closely to make sure she does not follow in her big brothers foot steps with the asthma. It has just been crazy around here. I'm so ready for spring and warm weather.

Bailee will be five in a week and 4 days, it is so hard to believe. I can not wait till her birthday party. She is having a Fancy Nancy party and we have gotten feather boa's, pearl necklaces, fancy pens, all kinds of stuff. She is very excited as well. We go on the 23rd to tour the school where she will go to kindergarten and she is absolutely thrilled about that. SO no it will not be almost a month before I post again because I will have lots of fun pictures from her party to share with everyone. So stay tuned.....