Thursday, May 28, 2009

It's official.....

Well Bailee is officially no longer a pre-k student. She had her graduation ceremony at school last night and then today was the final day. Now when the school year starts up in the Fall she will be in the real deal. Oh my where does the time go?

Bailee has always been such a sweet little girl. From the moment she was born I was in love. I remember being so nervous and thinking how protective I was over her to know that wow I am caring for another human being now. Bailee was always a good baby she was so easy, slept through the night, never fussy when we were out and about, always just went with the flow.

Now when she hit 3,4,and 5 such a different story. Not to say that she is not still sweet but boy does she have an attitude, she is sassy, and all I know when she is a teenager I am so in trouble. Now I know you are thinking she is my pay back well not really because her baby sister is making up for that in her own way. I guess all my kids are payback in some way form or fashion.

Anyways on to the ceremony last night. It was a great time, they had made the whole class shirts with a class photo on them so adorable, they sang some songs, and had their officially diploma giving time. It was very precious and something to cherish. I have lots of photo's and video that I will post on facebook only because the blog takes way too long on video's. But I did scan in her little preschool diploma. I felt sorta gloomy yesterday because I feel like such a new part of life is starting with Bailee and that its all just going too fast. I know they all grow up but I just think about all the things I have rushed her through and think I should have just slowed down and enjoyed the times we were in. So anyways check facebook for photo's and video later on.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day

Memorial day was an awesome fun day! First we started with a yummy breakfast sausage gravy and biscuits with bacon. Next we played in the sprinkler, picnic lunch, played on a slip-n-slide, nap time, more slip-n-slide, snow cones, pizza for dinner. Yeah packed full of fun. I love being off and making memories with the kids, there is nothing like it. The kids told us over and over how much fun they were having and how it was a great day! That is what every parent wants to hear!

On Tuesday we had Parents Day Out, a dentist appointment, errands, grocery shopping, you know all the fun stuff. Well lets just say I was not happy leaving the dentist office. Bailee has 4 cavities. One of them is so bad she will need a crown, good gracious it is going to cost us 511 dollars even after insurance. I am cracking down, I told Bailee no more candy, sugar free gum only, more water to drink and lots of brushing and flossing going on. Its just crazy to spend this kind of money on baby teeth but I feel like we need to fix it as well because she will need a good base for her permanent teeth. I always had crowns and cavities as a kid and so apparently I have passed down another not so good gene! Oh well I will call around to different dentist and see what my options are. Anyways I hope you enjoy the pics from our fun time.

P.S. th epics of the strawberries and the fish tank I probably havent written about. THe fish tank is Bailee's Birthday gift 2 months late. She picked out a guppy fish and some type of African Frog. Yes just 2 more mouths for me to food yeah me right. Then the strawberries are from when we went strawberry picking last friday! That was o much fun. We have made lots of goodies from them. Check out my other blog for what we have made and pics as well.