Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Happy 3rd Birthday Bryson

Wow it has been crazy around here. Today is Bryson's 3rd birthday. We celebrated Saturday with a Chucke E Cheese party. Boy was that crazy on a SATURDAY!!! Bryson had 3 girls come all the boys couldn't come. Lucky him huh!! The party was a pirate theme so Bryson was all decked out and i was so excited to find the pirate ship cake pan for his cake it worked out perfect. He was scared to death of ole Chuck E Cheese. I could not leave his side when Chucke came out to do the whole birthday scene. We were there for a ridiculous 4 and a half hours, now the party only lasted for an hour and a half but we had so many tokens to use it took that long. Bryson got lots of nice new toys and some cloths and a new training wheel bike and the best of all was his guitar that we got him. It's so cute he will sit around and just strum along on his guitar, he loves it.
Monday we went to grandma and grandpa A's to celebrate with them and they got him a little kid keyboard on a stand with a microphone he loves it.

Today we took cupcakes to school and then when we got home we made a chocolate cake with chocolate icing. WE all had a piece after dinner and it was so yummy. Anyways enjoy the pics and video's. I cant believe my boy is 3. :)

Ok forget the video's i have been trying to post 2 different video's and it is taken FOREVER. I will try again later.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Hairy situation.....

Bailee: Mommy my hair is shedding..

Me: Do what? Come here right now.

Bailee: Why?

Me: Because let me see whats in your hand?

Bailee: "Bryson" told me to cut hair......

Me: WHAT??? I can not believe u listened to your Brother. When do you ever do what he tells you to do?

Bailee: Well he told me to do it first.

In a mad but wanting to laugh voice I sent them both to their rooms. I of course had to take pictures. I knew one day they would experiment with cutting hair but it just took me by suprise today. I was so shocked.

Im sure glad that we are going out to dinner for our Anniversary tonight. WE have been married for 8 years today. Its crazy to think 8 years later and 3 kids who do such silly things.

Anyways had to share my new hair stylist with you.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Gas O Gas where art thou?????

Well if you dont live in TN then u may not have any gas problems but yesterday am David called me and told me I needed to go fill up the van and put gas in his gas can. Well OK so I head out and got to Krogers NO GAS!! I drove all the way to madison, NO GAS. Its crazy so finally I found gas at the opry mills area. I filled up the van and the gas can. I sure hope the shortage doesnt last too long because i may have to walk to work.

Thursday, September 18, 2008


Bella has FINALLY cut her 1st tooth. SHe has been teething for what seems like forever but tuesday we finally discovered her new tooth. The best part about it is she slept thru the night tuesday night. YEAH!!! I guess that little booger was keeping her up all those nights. Anyways I just thought id share in my joy of a new tooth. :) Who can believe that she is almost 8 months it has really gone fast. I find myself thinking wow if we dont have anymore kids this is the last time I will have a little baby to snuggle with and it makes me a little sad. I had said for a while that we were done but as Bella gets older I sometimes think we just maybe will look at having another one when Bella is 3 or something I dont know. But then I have to get over that feeling eventually I cant keep having another baby everytime I get that feeling of I want a little baby to snuggle. How do you ever get over that feeling? Is it that once you are a mother you will never have that im done feeling deep down because its our instincts? OK im done babbling. Hope everyone has a great weekend. I will post a pic of her soon. to go with the post but she is napping right now and did not sleep all day at school.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Like Father Like Son.....

OK so Sunday morning we are all getting ready for church and Bryson comes out looking like the above picture. I told him im not so sure you should wear cowboy boots with shorts and his reply was Well Daddy said it looked ok. UGH!!! David and I do not agree on fashion and for all I know maybe there is no couple that agree's on fashion. None the less I thought it was cute, he got some cute chuckles at church and the best part he thought he looked good. Thats all that matters right!

Oh by the way I was told to make a correction from my last post: Aunt Amy wanted me to state the fact that it was not her that wanted to go back to the beach that it is all UNCLE JOHNS FAULT!!! OK sis in law it has now officially been stated in the blogging world. :)

Friday, September 12, 2008


Well things have just been crazy around here. Let me start with last week.

Monday Labor Day: hanging out with family getting ready for the 1st day of school on tuesday.

Tuesday: 1st day of school which was mad crazy I have 16 3 year olds. OMG!!! It is crazy.

Wednesday: did nothing tried to recover from the day before.

Thursday: School, not as crazy as the 1st day so thats always good.

Friday: Bella ran a fever all day and night.

Saturday: Aunt Amy and Uncle John decide to return to Myrtle Beach so she and I go visit with grandma and grandpa A and david actually babysat all 3 kids. That evening we went on a 3 mile walk to the new bridge that goes over to 2 rivers park.

Sunday: Church

Monday: Aunt Amy and John leave, Bryson runs a fever all day all the way up to 105. Bailee had dance.

Tuesday: School and today mommy doesnt feel well and runs a fever that night.

Wednesday: Mommy has strep throat. VERY painful

Thursday: School

and that leads me to today, we are going to go visit with nana because I have been so busy that I havent even seen her for 3 weeks. That is bad. So that is last week and this week in a nut shell. The picture of the kids is the 1st day of school I just love the picture. Bella is becomeing such a handfull. She is pulling up and crawling so fast that we all have to look before we walk because she will be right under you before you know it. Ok thats it for today. Hopefully I wont take so long to post next time.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Labor of Love

Well our Labor Day consisted of hanging out with Aunt Amy and Uncle John who just moved back here from Myrtle Beach and are staying with us until they find a place. Gran Gran and Banky were here with us too.

We played in the pool, cooked out, and of course watched John and Kate plus 8 marathon. Who wouldnt right. David doesnt like to watch the show he wasnt too happy but he was out numbered.

When we were out by the pool china came up on the deck and I just had to get a picture of David, Bailee, and China they are so cute. Bailee has turned in to an animal nut. She said she wants a poodle and I said absolutely not. For all those who remember poor coco I think I have had enough experiences with poodle's. :)