Wednesday, November 28, 2007

We love our dad.

This is a cute picture of the kids just enjoying their daddy being off from work. This was taken Sunday night and they knew Daddy had to go to work the next day and we loved having the long stretch of him being off for the Thanksgiving Holiday. He is usually so busy with work that the kids just really enjoyed him being off. You can tell the kids love their daddy huh?

Got milk?

OK so Bryson had tried out some cool whip and it looked as though he had a milk mustache. The picture doesnt show it too well but he still has a cute expression on his face. Maybe he will be the next milk mustache model. :)

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Our new Mother in Law house

Ok so since my son already thinks his Gran Gran already lives with us, David decided to get a mother in law house. Its nice and spacious with a overhead loft for all your storage needs. Its just short on plumbing and electricity. :) Just kidding David got him a home away from home to escape to not fair huh? Since we are turning the garage into a bedroom for Bailee to make room for Annabella he needed a new place for all his tools and big boy toys. So now if he is not working his job or working on Bailee's new room he is out there where he cant hear me get frustrated with the kids and ignore how messy the house is. :) When are us moms going to get a place like this where the husbands stay in with the kids and we go out to our storage building to gain back out sanity? Im taking a stand, I need my own space out there too. :)

My little worker

Bryson is so funny in his little 2 year old humor sometimes. The other night he came walking in the living room with his little play hard hat on and his play tools so he could "fix stuff" so he said. I just had to get his picture because the hat on backwards was just too funny. Bailee of course had to get in on the action as well.

Fall fun

Saturday the kids went out to play in the leaves in our strange warm weather that we are having. I kept trying to get a picture of Bailee throwing the leaves in the air but it didnt work too well. Oh well they still had fun.

Brotherly sisterly love

So this is a picture of how sweet my kids can be sometimes. They were just so sweet but sometimes boy they can really be at each others throat. Being an only child its hard for me because sometimes Bryson just bothers Bailee to be bothering her and that drives me crazy the most. Im trying to teach Bailee that boys just like to bother us girls and that the more she cries and yells at him the more he will bother her. But for my sake that has not yet sunk in to her little head. So the moments that they are sweet to each other are priceless.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Here is my most recent cake

Ok so I think this is my favorite baby cake that I have done. I have done some cute one's but I think this one moved to the top. If you ever need a cake just let me know.

This is what happens when you dont get a nap

Wednesday I was trying to get ready for church and Bailee comes into the bathroom and say's "mommy Bryson's passed out" So my reply is ok is he breathing?? " Yeah mommy he's just passed out in the floor". I knew he hadn't had a nap because he refused that day. So when I got out of the shower this is what I found.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

A Day at the beach

Bailee and Bryson were playing while I tried to clean Bailee's room which is always a wreck and they told me they were going to the beach. Now the picture doesn't show all that my son has on but he has on his lightning McQueen PJ's, a Santa sock, a Spongebob sock, Bailee's black shoes and Bailee's pink ballcap. I thought it was funny the way he was dressed. Oh how kids play.

Bailee cant be left out

Oh of course Bailee had a new outfit and since we were taking pictures of Bryson we had to take a picture of Bailee but she was acting so silly.

Like Father like Son

OK so at Children's Place I found the most adorable dress jacket for Bryson. We wanted to get a picture of him and daddy all dressed for church but bryson just didnt want to smile that day. He looked so cute in such a little dress jacket.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

My kids never do this for me

Ok so I come home saturday from a CPR class and this is what I find. All three of them sound asleep. I thought how sweet and then I thought they never just go to sleep in my lap well except for bryson. Anyway I thought Id share this picture because it was so cute.