Thursday, August 28, 2008

Another 1st for Bella

It was a big suprise to walk in after Bella's nap today to find her standing up. In saying that we have not lowered her mattress yet but I do believe it will be done tonight before she goes to bed. I just had to get a little video clip of it. Enjoy.

Monday, August 25, 2008

My little dancer...

Our first day of dance was awesome. Well there were a few mix ups at first but are all straight now. Bailee loved dance and now that is all she wants to play.

She mastered a flip in tumbling tonight and is so excited and even came home and taught bryson how to flip its so cute. She had ballet, tap, and acrobatics. She said next week they will learn a cartwheel she is so excited about that. Anyways here is a few pics of her before we left.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

It's Official

Well the time has come. I posted a while back that we( our church) was looking at merging with another church due to the neighborhood changing and our church spiralling down. A lot like Riverside in a black community and having a hard time surviving as a church. About a month ago the church voted to have the church put on the market we were not sure at the time where the Lord was going to lead us but felt we were following His will.

Now when I say a match made in Heaven I'm not being silly. This opportunity that we have is wonderful and from the Lord. We are merging with Alta Loma Baptist Church in Rivergate. They have no staff members except a secretary, the have a few younger couples more than we have beings that David and I are the one and only young couple at Hillhurst.

The kids will have a Sunday school class and mission friends which they are extremely excited about. Its just an all around great thing.

Today we had our last service at Hillhurst a BIG homecoming service and I mean big 300+ it was great to see the place packed out and people in the balcony. It was very emotional for a lot of people and brought back a lot of feelings we all had leaving Riverside. Bro Dick of course had the service since he pastored that church for 27 years and we had lunch and a time of sharing what Hillhurst meant to so many. It was a great time. So now on with the new chapter which we are very excited about. I think we will loose some people but you cant please everyone.

I wasn't so sure I was ready for another merger because they are so much work and we are or David I should say is so heavily involved in this merger, more so than at Riverside. But we know that this is of the Lord and you don't mind the work when you know its all for His Kingdom.

OK that's it for today. Bailee starts dance tomorrow I will have a post on that I'm sure.

Monday, August 18, 2008


OK I know you are wondering what these pictures are all about right. Well this weekend David and I got the chance to escape overnight. Thanks to my wonderful mom who is always so willing to keep our kids. :) We booked a room at the INN at Montgomery Bell State Park where the view is beautiful. We went out Friday looking for somewhere to eat dinner and on our way we passed a drive in movie so naturally not having one where we live we were very excited.

They were showing Batman the Dark Knight. I wasn't so sure I cared about seeing Batman but it was more that it was a drive in. We actually ended up enjoying the movie. It was so nice outside it was perfect weather for a drive in movie. The next day we had breakfast at the inn checked out the pool, and the hot tub and the scene which is so pretty.

They also have paddle boats, john boats, and canoes for rental so we rented a paddle boat.
That is why there are pictures of our feet. It was such a great time for us. You forget how different kids make your relationship. I came home and told my mom we were going to do this every weekend, her reply "you better get a new babysitter" Bella had here up every 2 hours. Now she See's what I go through every night. :) I recommend that if you have kids and you have the opportunity to get away like that its great for your marriage.

WE plan on hopefully getting to do this again next month for our 8th wedding anniversary. We may have to find another babysitter but hopefully our good gran gran will help us out again. :)

Saturday, August 9, 2008


the birthday boy
His cake from Sam's
My "30" cupcake design
Blowing out candles

NO I am not pregnant that is not the suprise. Monday David turns 30 so I wanted to suprise him and boy did I. He did not have a clue, I had his mom take him out shopping to get him out of the house. It was perfect I didn't even tell the kids because I knew they would tell him.

I was wondering if he was a little curious as to what was going on but he said he really did not have a clue that I was planning this party. It was a lot of fun. He was a little shocked that I didn't make his cake but I told him he would have really known something was up then.

I took a few pictures only when someone reminded me I didn't even have the camera out. OOps I forgot about the camera I dont know why I cant remember the camera lately. Notice in the one picture where David is blowing out his candles and Bella tries to grab a cupcake. She thought they looked good. Anyways I just had to share about how I finally suprised my hubby.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

my sweet 6 month old

Monday we had Bella's 6 month check up. She weighed 15 and a half pounds and was 24 inches long I think im not so sure im correct on the length. The doctor said she was growing perfectly. She was shocked that she was crawling too. SHe also told me that it was ok that I already started her on fruits and veggies good thing right since she has been since the first of July. SHe is teething trying to get her bottom teeth and she is very very fussy. SHe had me up till 4 am on sunday night. I was worn out monday, thankfully though she slept very well last night. I wanted to post some pics from the last 6 months to show how she has grown. Enjoy

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Bryson Oh Bryson

The kids were out playing in the sand and water table when I looked out and this is what I found. Bailee had already come back inside though so it was all Bryson being such a boy. Enjoy the pictures I know I do.