Sunday, March 30, 2008

Train Up a Child

Here is us training our children early in housecleaning. David was vacuuming in Bailee's new room and asked Bryson if he wanted to help and of course he did.

Big sister couldn't miss out on the fun so I said we have to get their picture and remind them when they are teenagers and don't want to clean then we will remind them of when they were young and loved to vacuum.

Oh by the way do you like the color of the walls? David purchased the colors they are Patrick Pink from Spongebob and for the bathroom it is Spongebob Yellow.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Build a Party

For Bailee's 4th birthday we decided to take the easy but sorta expensive way out. You see since we have a 2month old I thought lets have a party at Build a Bear not knowing at the time that is would be the Saturday before Easter and everybody in the Nashville area would be at Opry Mills.

We had 10 kids there and it turned out great. Bella slept the entire time which was great because I got to enjoy the party and not have to nurse a newborn the whole time. Also yes I got to make a half way decent cake in the midst of the chaos.

Our weekend was so crazy Friday you see we went to Opry Mills to see the Easter Bunny and do some shopping well before we could go Bryson got his hand stuck in the automatic door on the van and thankfully he was just fine. Then at the mall bella fussed the whole time. Whew what a day it was.

Saturday was the party and Sunday was Easter need I say more. I am so glad school is back this week because I now feel like I can recover from a wild and crazy weekend.

I hope you enjoy the pictures.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Toddler Humor or aka Joe Cool

It's all about the humor here today. You see its Spring Break this week and I think I might go insane. This is what happens when a mommy is trying to get a little baby off to sleep and then you have a toddler who is going poop and is tired of waiting for mommy to come wipe him so he decided to unroll a brand new roll of toilet paper.

The first picture is of him frowning because I told him he was going to get a spanking the other picture is of him smiling it in reverse order but it messed up when I went to edit so oh well you get the point

Then I said wait I just got the baby to sleep a spanking would result in an all out scream fest and then I would have 2 babies crying so what did I do instead I just LAUGHED what else is a mom to do on Spring Break?

Baby humor

Aunt Amy and Uncle John got Bella some cute little onesies and I thought I would share the one that I like the most even though it is not true for Bella, but it would ring true for Bailee to wear. Her daddy has dressed her some and lets just say I feel sorry for her when she has to go out like that. :)

Bella is getting so chunky she is getting the kissable cheeks and looking more and more like Bailee everyday. I even discovered she has the same birthmark on the back of here neck just like her daddy and Bailee. I really thought 3rd time around the kid would for sure look like me but no such luck and im not so sure I would try it a fourth time to see if the baby would look like me. :)

I hope you enjoy the pictures I have her in another onesie that they got her and it says Mommy and Daddy's alarm clock which we all know that its really only mommy's alarm clock.

She is doing much better with her reflux and I have even been able to get back on milk products yeah but still no chocolate but thats ok because it is really helping with the weight loss. It is hard to believe she will be 2 months old a week from today time is super fast. Bailee will be four on Sunday which is even harder to swallow she has the attitude and all to follow as well.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Were the Doodle Bops

OK so we braved the crowd at Opry Mills today to meet the Doodle Bops. The kids at first didnt want to get too close but then Bailee got into it and said she wanted to get closer.

Just invision if you have ever gotten around any FREE kid function you know everyone in Nashville is there so we decided to wait until the line got smaller by that time Bryson decided to be brave and see them up close.

We got 2 tambourine's autographed and a coloring book. It was great. I hope you enjoy the pictures I love the one of Roonie Doodle he is smiling and winking all at the same time. So the blue guy is Roonie, the girl is DeeDee and the Orange guy is Moe for those who dont have to endure the doodle bops and get all their songs stuck in your head. YEAH WERE THE DOODLE BOPS sorry couldnt help the outburst.

Saturday, March 8, 2008


YEAH we finally got a nice snow today. The kids were so excited they bugged us all morning to go out and play. We or should I say me attempted to make a snow man and the kids barely let me get him built before they knocked him down. I dont know what was worse the kids trying to knock my poor little snow man down or being hit by hard as a rock snowballs from my hubby who also likes to bug me. Brysons cheeks were so red when we finally came in he was so cute. The kids did a little sledding with the neighbors little girl and so did daddy but not me I said I cant risk getting hurt right now I have to much to do and too many people to take care of. It was a great day in the snow we had 3 inches here at our house. I hope you enjoy the pictures.

Friday, March 7, 2008

We love our Aunt and Uncle

This week Aunt Amy and Uncle John came in to see us and the new addition to our family. It has been a year since we saw them last and Bailee and Bryson was just thrilled to no end that they were here. One of the reasons of course is that they always come bearing gifts and that is always a plus. Here are a few pictures of them with the kids. I loved having them here because it was double the help and Uncle John would walk Bella around for me when I needed to eat or if she was just fussy and I was worn out. We are also very excited because they told us they are moving back here to Tennessee so the kids are very excited and so are we. By the way check out the new couch we got it in on Tuesday its so nice. It is our very first couch purchase in almost 8 years of being married we have always had hand me down couches and this year we decided we would buy us something new.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Whew what a week

OK so were you wondering where I was? Last week Bella was super fussy and I took her to the doctor and she said she has reflux. It is very hurtful for her and all we can do with her is walk her around. The doctor said lets treat it with Maalox because when we weighed her she was 9.14 which she went from 7.10 to that in only 3 weeks. So we have been on Maalox for a week now and only saw some relief. We only saw significant relief when I stop eating spices, gas causing veggies, and all milk products so all I have been eating is very bland food and not having milk is very hard for me I love milk. David's sister and her hubby were in from out of town to see Bella and Grandma A cooked us dinner tuesday night and in that was onion which is a big no no but I was not going to turn down Grandma A's yummy cooking but boy did I pay the price last night of having a fussy baby. Now dont forget I cant have flour either so it has limited me so much to what I can eat but the only plus is that I loose a pound a day which is great beings I need to be a certain weight to get insurance. I prayed and asked God to help me loose this weight I know I have my part to do but I just asked Him to help me along and so know I got my answer. But anyways just pray for Bella and that her little tummy will adjust I want to continue to breast feed so I will just have to adjust to this way of eating until her system can tolerate all this stuff. Hopefully by the time she is 3-4 months old. She is still precious and getting a little chubby face that I love to kiss on. I dont have a current pic just yet but will soon. I dont have one of her screaming her head off either. Pray for me as well it is very hard when you have a baby who screams for 4 hours at a time we play tag on who will walk her around during those times. Im thankful that I have my mom because David has been so busy on Bailee's new room.