Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Lesson Learned

OK so the question was asked how did the pool get a bazillion holes in it. My husband decided last winter instead of closing the pool down he was just going to leave it as is. Well HE learned a lesson there because remember in October when we had the big tree to fall in the back yard? Well since the winter cover was not on the pool when that tree fell toward the pool a bazillion little and big tree branches fell into the pool. In return that put little bitty holes in the liner. Lets just say that when we were cleaning that friday that there was so much debree that we swept it all up with a broom. So I asked David did he learn a lesson that you ALWAYS put on the winter cover whether the pool is green or clear. He answered yes I know. Thankfully they have underwater pool patches that fixed the problem so 6 dollars verses 400 for a whole new liner. Oh yeah I will let you know what my water bill is since it took 24 hours to fill the pool back up and then for a whole week we had to run water in the pool for 4 hours a day. I will accept donations :)

Sunday, June 22, 2008


I am so happy when we got home from church today we had a message to call Scott and guess what he is so awesome because he got our computer fixed. So here is a big THANK YOU TO SCOTT!!!!!!!!!!! We are more than thankful for such a kind thing that he did.

So here is whats been happening.... We got the pool fixed and my kids are like little fish they love the pool this year yeah. Im over the whole postpartum depression stuff YEAH the Lord totally took care of that a few weeks ago at church.

Fathers Day weekend we had a cookout on saturday and then on sunday we made breakfast in bed for David, and spent the afternoon with his grandparents. Oh yeah I forgot to mention we had a 16 ft span of small pin holes in the pool david patched those as well that saturday.

Our church is in the process of looking at either merging with another church or having to close the doors by the end of the year. Yes can you believe it we are smack dab in the middle of another merge never thought we would have to go thru that again. The Lord is working in this situation. He is also using us because we have gone thru a merger not so long ago and know what really has to happen for it to work. Please pray for David as he is chairman of the committee looking at merging and also he is chairman of deacons so this makes him incredibly busy and with his hours he works then meetings during the week it makes it very hard. OK so that in itself is huge. :0

Bella is growing so much. She is rolling over, scooting, lovin the cereal, and just cute as a button. Sorry is that bad of me since im her mom??

So thats our life in a little nut shell since ive been out of pocket. I hope to get caught up on all the blogs very soon.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Hey Im back

Hey everyone I feel like i have missed out so much. Thanks to Rent A Center we now are using a laptop I really needed one for my avon orders. A big thanks to Scott he is trying to fix our other computer. I hope it can be fixed. It will take me a little while to get caught up and I wont be able to post any pics for a while. Just a short note to say hey everyone I missed blogging its quit addictive. More to come soon.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Comp crash

Hey everyone I do not have a computer right now. It crashed last week and I am using my neighbors computer. It is such a bummer I cant keep up with everyone right now. Just a quick update we spent 12 hours cleaning on the pool last friday and it is now clear and ready to swim yeah. We have been enjoying it the last 2 days. If anyone knows of a good computer repair call me. Ok thats all for now I will post when I can. Love to all.