Tuesday, May 27, 2008


What a weekend. We got Bella's room finished finally. It was so weird to have her in her own room last night. She slept well in a bigger bed though. She was outgrowing the bassinet quickly. Bella had her 4 month check today and she weighed 13 lbs and 7 ounces. She was 23 and a half inches long and we got to start cereal. She loved the cereal much better than the other 2 did she got upset when I didn't give her anymore. Here are pictures of her room and a updated picture of her. Enjoy.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Ready, Set, Cut

Friday was the big day. Yes my dad after 2 whole years got his hair cut for locks of love. He had an 8 inch pony tail that they will donate. I have before, during, and after pictures. My mom is very happy for all that hair to be gone. She loves his new hair cut.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Working Hard......

Monday mom and dad took the kids for me to run errands and exercise. Well Bailee and Bryson just love it when Banky is at home so he put them to work. They had so much fun carrying sticks to the road and playing outside all day. They took some cute pictures of them. He also got some cute pictures of Bella while she was with Gran Gran inside.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


This past Saturday Chelsea graduated from Beech High School. Yes I said Chelsea isnt that so hard to believe. Bailee was so excited to go to a Graduation and we all went to dinner afterwards. Chelsea kept letting Bailee wear her hat it was so cute it was like a fast forward looking at bailee in that graduation hat. It was great to be with them and we got lots of great pictures.

Sunday, May 18, 2008


Ok so I am having one of those im in a funky mood for who knows what reason. I felt that way on Wednesday too. I dont know if its like postpartum depression or what or if you can even experience that this late but I just feel funky on the inside. Maybe for one my 2 oldest kids never listen to me and are getting to where they just act terrible for me. Its like they are just different kids lately. I try and give them equal attention but is that really possible when there is 3 kids and only 1 of me? School is fixing to be out and I think what is it going to be like? Even the time that I am writing this Bailee has kicked her brother in the mouth and then pushed him!! HELLO see what I mean. Bailee has never been a mean spirited girl or maybe its just I dont understand the whole sibling thing. Any ideas????

Friday, May 16, 2008

Spongebob young and old

Yes some of us never grow up right? Well we bought the kids some spongebob pj's today and tonight at bedtime I see this. Too cute huh? I totally forgot that David had this spongebob shirt I knew he had the spongebob pj pants because I bought them for him. I thought they were so cute. I begged them to let me get their picture I wanted it to be in the spongebob bathroom but they chose the couch. Spongebob is for the young and the old. He gets on my last nerve to be honest I think I could tell you what every show is about just by the title of it. Oh well I guess it could be worse at least it isnt the Wiggles. :)

Sunday, May 11, 2008

What a Zoo

This weekend we traveled to Atlanta for baby Luke's funeral, we have been around baby Luke's aunt and uncle for a long while now and since we had the opportunity to be there and support them we did. While we were there we decided to visit Zoo Atlanta. It was very nice similar to Nashville Zoo but they had a lot of Gorillas a lot more than our zoo. I love the one of the Gorilla making a nice pose for me. Bailee loved the goats and we had to really convince her to leave them. We spent the whole day there, spent way too much money on food there, but you have to eat and they know it at a place like that. I hope you enjoy the pictures and video.

Monday, May 5, 2008

One, Two, Three, Four

The Moll and Adkinson family
Bro. Jerry praying over Bella
Bella all dressed up
Let's start with Thursday: I went back to work at Parent's Day Out. It was very hard leaving Bella even though she was just right across the hall. That was a busy day in itself.
Friday: It was banky's birthday also know as Howard so off to breakfast we went and got caught out in pouring rain.
Saturday: I made a Caramel cake from scratch, left at 11:30 to do a little shopping, 1:00 pm 2 haircuts and Bailee's ears pierced. Then we spent an 1and a half hours in Lowe's. We came home only for about 30 minutes to leave once again to celebrate banky and nana's birthday. Whew this was a crazy day.
Sunday: 9:00 am new contemporary service at church, 9:45 sunday school, 11:00 Morning service which included Bella's baby dedication. 2:00 pm birthday party at the park. 6:00 pm we all crashed and took a nap.

So this is just how busy we have been. Im feeling like im in a whirlwind. Today has not been slow either. Bailee had to be at the dentist at 10:45 we had grocery shopping to do and back to work tommorrow.

I hope you enjoy the video of Bailee and the pictures of Bella.