Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Pj's, hot chocolate, and a nice warm fire

The title describes it all that is what our Wednesday was. We had snow overnight and so we went out and played in the snow, came in got back in pj's and I fixed the kids some hot chocolate I didnt get any since I think chocolate is not sitting well with Bella's tummy. Then we sat next to a nice warm fire and relaxed the rest of the day hahahahaha im dreaming right the rest of the day consisted of feeding a 4 week old and telling the other 2 to be quiet and quit fighting. I didnt get any pictures of the snow because it was snowing hard when we went out plus I was running after the kids trying to get them with a snow ball. :) Please ignore all the dust on the fire place....I just got back to doing the cleaning around here and I dont like to dust. :)

Big Sister, Big Brother and Little Sister

Here are some pictures I took of the kids in all there shirts im trying to get a good picture for a birth announcement for Bella but I am going to try again. You have a very limited time to get a newborns picture.

My little sweetie

Here are some pictures I took of bella last week. She is so alert and looking around but very fussy at times too. Enjoy

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day

OK so here are all my little Valentine's. Bailee 3 and a half, Bryson 2, and Bella 2 and a half weeks old. They are the best Valentine's anyone could ever ask for. They are cute one too huh? I sure think so but I am the mom. Hope everyone has a great day.

Here she is pictures of China

Ok so I finally got some pictures taken but they are thru the window because I didnt want to go outside its too cold. :)

Tennessee Weather

Boy in Tennessee you never know what to expect with the weather. Last week we had 70's and tornado's this week we have 20's and snow. Bailee was so excited to wake up to snow yesterday she has been asking me all winter when are we going to get snow to play in? So as soon as Bryson was up we were out but only for a short time because it was so cold. But Bailee did get to make a snow/grass angel and try to make a snow ball. Enjoy the pictures.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Welcome China

Im sure you are wondering why the title of this post is welcome China? If you have read the blog then you know our dog of 8 years died and so my husband was determined to get a new dog this past weekend. Now I am not an animal lover so a FREE DOG is a great thing to me. But this time around in our hunt for a new dog my husband wanted to be animal activist and save a dog from the pound so I thought the pound was a cheap place to get a dog which in the whole realm of things it was cheap to some but to me a cheap dog is free. :) So off he goes on Saturday leaving me with all 3 kids all day out looking for a new dog. $90.00 later and 3 hours later he comes home with China. She is a catahoula she is very pretty calm, gentle, and a well mannered dog. Now some probably wonder why we still got a new dog when our son is allergic and actually had a reaction from just pet dander that david still had on him but my husband was like a little kid with a new toy. I have not been able to get a picture of her yet but I hope to sometime soon she is hard to describe in looks but very pretty in her own way. The kids are just so excited over her and the new baby sister is old news to them now its all about China. Bailee actually has more to do with China than she ever did with Cookie and poor Bryson just kept saying I allergic to doggies daddy. I hope he out grows it because his dad is just crushed that he can not come out and play with him and Bailee.

On your mark, get set, let the work begin

It is official the work has begun on Bailee's new room. There are people here today hanging drywall and david will put the floor in this weekend. Life is so busy not to add a remodel job in process. Phew the time goes by so fast already. I have been trying to do laundry and cook but I paid the price for that yesterday so I have to slow down. Its hard because I feel good but forget that I had surgery just 2 weeks ago. So I have been told to stop and just rest.

Friday, February 8, 2008

Baby weight poll winner

Drum roll please............ The winner of the baby weight poll is none other than GRAN GRAN. She has been telling me that I still have not posted that she was the winner so I finally remembered. Gran Gran was the one that guessed the closest to her weight. She was very proud. CONGRATS.

Bella is growing so well

Ok so an update on our new little one. Thursday she went for a weight check and she has gained up to 7 lbs 10 ounces and has gone to 19 inches long. The doctor was very pleased that she gained her birth weight back plus some, and to grow in length as well. I can not believe that she is already 2 weeks old today boy how time flies. I finally got her to sleep better last night the doctor told me some things to try and they worked. I know that doesnt mean that it always will but I will take a good night when they come and be thankful for them.

Goodbye Cookie

A sad post. Wednesday when David got home from work he went out to feed our dog Cookie and she had passed away. We are not real sure of the cause but it was very sad for David and I we have had her for almost 8 years and she was our 1st dog together. It was also our first experience with seeing a dog have puppies. When cookie was only a year old she had puppies and I remember how that was such a neat experience and all the good memories we have of her. I have never been a real dog person but when you have a pet like that for a while it is still sad when they go. Especially for a postpartum woman. :)So now the hunt for a new dog. We hope to get a new one this weekend. I will post pics when we get one.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Calling all Coffee

OK so I need an IV of Coffee running through my veins. I have been up with Annabella for the last few nights pretty much the whole night. She wakes up about 12:30 or so and we dont go back to bed until 6:00. Now during the day she sleeps so nice and I have to wake her to feed her. I am running on about 3 hours of sleep a day. I think it might just catch up with me after a while. SO I guess im going to have to take up drinking Coffee to stay awake at times. Either that or I am going to have to really work on getting her to realize when it is day and night. :) Keep me in your prayers. Just think of me as those on the Pepsi Max commercial for those that watched the super bowl. You know the one where everyone just kept nodding off and couldnt stay awake. That was my favorite commercial of them all because it looked how I felt.