Thursday, July 31, 2008

A picking we will go.....

No I do not mean our nose. :) Sorry had to say it.

Thursday was a great day to go blueberrie picking, and thats just what we did. Bailee, Bryson, Carter, Paul, and Elijah all friends from school ventured down to Franklin to the Golden Bell Blueberry Farm.

We had great weather it was overcast, but still very humid. The kids had a great time. It was my first time picking berried myself and really enjoyed it. I didnt want to stop it was so fun.

Bailee every time i looked at her was picking one for her bucket and the other went straight to her mouth I thought they were going to have to weight her before we left. :)

Next week the crop is suppose to be even better, any takers on going? It's 2.50 a pound which is a great price. They are delicious too I cant keep Bailee out of them.

Oh by the way Bella is crawling non stop its the cute army crawl. I think I may have my hands full with her. She is all over the place.

I forgot to take the camera with us so I got these pics when we got home. Sorry they are a little blurry.

Friday, July 25, 2008

All about Bailee......

OK so you know when Bailee heard that Bryson had his own blog post I had to put this one on. :)

Bailee is doing really well in the pool this year. So that is what her post is focused on. She started the summer in a ring float and now on the the arm floaties. We were going to do swimming lessons until we realized the cost effective classes for 2 kids was in Smyrna and the gas costing 3.99 a gallon, well maybe next year. Bailee says she is teaching herself. I guess so in a way, but I want her to be trained professionally.

She also wants me to show off her art work. She said "she was a great artist and that she didn't to go to art class because she was already good." Wow I have my hands full right.?

She is going to be starting dance in the fall, we went last night and checked out the studio and signed her up. She will take a combo of ballet, tap, and acrobatics. She is so excited. I will have lot's of post then of her.

Here are some pictures and a little video of her swimming. Enjoy

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

All about Bryson......

Bryson is closing in on 3 years of age. The closer he gets the funnier he gets. He is completely into the Guitar. I keep telling him he will get one for his birthday. Well Saturday night he got very creative. He took his red devil play vacuum and pretended it was his guitar. Absolutely adorable I wanted to go buy him his guitar right then.

Then he is so sweet and so helpful. Bryson always wants to help me do things. I asked him to go get laundry out of the dryer and put it in the basket, because I was holding Bella because she was fussing due to her 1st ear infection. So HE gets all the laundry in the basket and brings it to the living room for me he is so sweet. Then he helped fold it and put it away. How sweet. He will make a great Husband one day. I just had to brag on my boy today.

He will start a fundamental music class this fall to encourage his love of the guitar and piano. He is so excited.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Myrtle Beach adventures

Bailee at Barefoot Landing
Broadway at the Beach

Playing Putt Putt
Our Aunt shirts

OK so more on our vacation. So you all know we went to the Red Neck Zoo. Well we also had some other fun things we did as well. We went to this place called Broadway at the Beach got a nice family picture I think the first actual family photo since Bella has been born. Broadway at the beach was just a lot of shops and restaurants. Of course their had to be shops. :) You know me and my shopping. They had this big lake of water in the middle where you could feed some fish paddle boat, and ride in a little tourist boat.

We also went to this place called Barefoot landing where guess what more shops, and restaurants. There at 10:15 the kids experienced their first firework show. They have always been too scared in the past. Well they loved them except for Bryson he cried he is not a big fan of loud things. :) Bella didn't even cry I was surprised.

Then on our last day there we went and played miniature golf. That was also the first time the kids played this game. It took a little while but it was fun. It was inside a volcano so the pictures aren't too good. The kids loved playing though. I hope you enjoy the pictures. This is I promise the last post on our vacation. I just realized I had these good pictures to post. :)

Oh yeah the picture of the kids laying down in their t'shirts, their Aunt Amy got those shirts for them they are so cute.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Baby Love

Bella is so much fun right now. On Monday I had bought the kids some Hannah Montanna Guitar suckers and one was sour and Bryson asked me to get the sour off for him. Well at one point I had to stop and take a break and Bella the sneak that she is grab it from me and stuck it right in her mouth. She loved it she never even made a funny face because of the sour stuff. Another thing she loves is banana Popsicles the kids will be eating them out by the pool and she just wants her own every time. She thinks she should be eating what we eat it is so funny.

Her other new thing is she says Momma. Yeah she said momma first. Well Thursday night I was in the kitchen washing dishes and cooking dinner and she just kept saying momma and so I wanted to capture it on video and of course as soon as I turned on the camera she stopped. I love the little laugh she just kept doing like this woman is crazy she thinks I can say momma. :)

It is so sweet to hear them say momma for the first time no matter whether its the first or third its just so priceless. I hope you enjoy the video and I hope to catch her saying momma soon. :)

She also does this sweet little lip smack like she's giving you a kiss. This morning when she woke up I was holding her and told her good morning and she grab my face and said momma. I think she did that because she had me up all night. :)

Monday, July 14, 2008

Red Neck Zoo

Yes you read right. We went to one of the most strangest zoo's ever. Last Monday at Myrtle Beach it was raining but 20 minutes away where there was a zoo it wasnt. So we loaded the kids and off we went. When they said admission was only 7 dollars for an adult that should have been the 1st clue.

When we pull in to the drive of the Zoo there is a peacock running free and we think oh no its gotten out of the fence we better tell them. But to our suprise they let ALL the peacocks run free. They we everywhere we turned. When we get into the area where the animals are they are just all in chain link fence. For 5 dollars you can buy a huge freezer bag of food to feed to them all. Some fences said CAUTION WE MAY BITE, and some said DO NOT HAND FEED WE WILL BITE. Uncle John didnt read those signs, thankfully he didnt lose a hand or fingers. :)

Now I have to say this Zoo had such a variety of animals and even animals we havent seen at the big zoo's such as 3 huge Lions, Black Bears, Bob cats, Leopards, Mountain Lions, cows, llama's, and my all time favorite was the ZONKEY. A zonkey is half donkey and half zebra. It was very interesting its legs were white and black stripe, the body was brown and black stripe, and the head was a donkey. I was not able to get any pictures of that animal but Amy will send them to me and then I will post them. But here are a few of the others that we did get.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

beach video

I forgot to put the video from the beach of the kids playing in the sand. Enjoy!!

Vacations over already......

Hey everyone long time no post. When we got our computer fixed we didnt have an updated virus protector so we didnt use the computer, then we were out of town for vacation for a week. We left on the 4th and drove all day with 3 kids to Myrtle Beach that is were David's sister and husband live. We did not do anything big for the 4th we were too worn out from the drive. I did get pictures of the kids in their 4th attire. Bella loved the beach she did so well to be 5 and a half months old. I hope you enjoy the pictures from the beach. Good to be back on the blog. Amy and John tried to get me to stay with them there in Myrtle Beach with Bella it sounded good but I couldnt stay and not come home with the rest of the crew. A huge thanks to uncle John for cooking all our meals and cleaning up afterwards. I didnt realize how much time that actually took. That was a vacation if any just to not have to do that. I will post other pictures and things we did in another post. Enjoy