Friday, February 20, 2009

Our Valentine Gifts

Thanks to tax return David and I went shopping last saturday to pick out our valentine day gifts. WE had already wanted a Flat Screen TV for the living room so David found his. Then while were at HH Gregg they had a wonderful sale on smooth top stoves. So guess what that is what I picked out. So last night I said ok im going to take a picture of our gifts. So first I picture my stove, and then I go to take a pic of the tv and right when i snapped the photo this hot chic comes on a suave commercial and David said yeah thats perfect tell everyone that's what I got for V-day, we laughed so hard bc it was just perfect timing the way it happended.

The other fun thing was we had the perfect box to make a little house for the kids to play in from the stove, I always wanted to do that as a kid but never did being an only child. So I had just as much fun as the kids cutting our a door and windows then I said oh lets paint it and decorate it. We had so much fun, I pretended that they were the little pigs and that I was the big bad wolf and I would shake their house and they would scream and laugh the most adorable little belly laugh. Remember when I said I was going to make every minute of everyday count well I did last night.

Here are the photo's of our new gifts to each other. I could not get them to move sorry they are at the top instead.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


I have to get this off my chest. I received a phone call from my boss that a little girl in my class her mother passed away unexpectedly last night. I just had a major reality check that we never know when it is our last day. I'm so heart broken and at a loss for words for how this feels. I have so many conflicting thoughts going through my mind that im not even sure how to process those thoughts. Her mom had a real bad ear ache and they gave her medicine and then she went into a coma and then died. I was then told that she actually had bacterial meningitis. Because it was contained in her ear it was not contagious as normal. The health department and the CDC said that we would not be at risk. Their 2 girls tested negative as well for bacterial meningitis. It's so hard to understand in times like this why these things happen and I know we are not to question God and I know He will work all things for the good. It is still so hard to not wonder why these 2 little girls no longer have their mommy here. The girls do not understand that their mommy is gone and I know that they will not understand until they are sick, or scared, or sad. That void will be there no matter how much love their daddy shows them. It has just really made me think that I must cherish every minute with my family and make every minute count because we never know when it will be our last. You know you have heard sermon's on this before but it never really hits home until something like this. It's just one of those things where you want to say this just really STINKS!!!! So please remember the Mooney Family as they mourn, and deal with a whole new way of life.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Were Still here

OK sorry that I have neglected the blog but im just addicted to facebook. Also I have not really had anything to post latley because everyone has been sick and so I have been very busy taking care of all the sick one's. SO hopefully by next week I will have a new post or some photos of the kids we are suppose to have 2 playdates next week so im sure I will have a few photo's from that. Talk to you all soon.