Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Hard to accept!

This week it has been super busy the kids are on fall break but instead of relaxing we have had a ton of things to do. Although I'm thankful that they are out of school and we can get all these things done I would also like to just hang out and have fun with the kiddo's.
Today Bailee had to go to the dentist well she was having a tooth pulled and an orthodontic appliance piece put in so we were there for almost 2 hours.
Normally I wouldn't mind having to wait I got a grocery list done, I forgot my phone that was a real bummer. But anyway it is a Pediatric Dentist Office and sometimes that can be an annoying place! Today it wasn't the kids that were bothering me it was the parents. Not that they were doing anything wrong it was just that one was pregnant and one had a 3 month old every family that was there had 4 kids and I just could not quit thinking about how I am suppose to be pregnant right now.
I thought I was over all of this with the miscarriage but apparently I'm not because I just wanted to run out of that place. I felt almost envious even though I know that is wrong. How do you get past that feeling??
Once we left it was better I guess because it wasn't right in my face. I just hope that with every week things will get better and I'm not stuck in a waiting room with pregnant women!

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