Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A climbing we will go!

So the newest thing in the Adkinson house is climbing! Not just your ordinary climbing im talking climbing harness and repelling! Its crazy! Now Bryson is just obsessed with this climbing thing.
He is a boy for sure! While driving down the interstate he saw the big mountain side and said I sure wish I could climb that! David of course replied by saying me too buddy. Oh me now I am not so sure about all this because to me it seems so dangerous even though David has asked all the questions and taken all the precautionary measures possible it still worries me a tad.
All in all its great bonding time with David and the kids, its exercise, and they get to experience God's wonderful creation!
P.S. Bella only tried it out one time she will not be doing any climbing any time soon LOL! Bailee enjoys it but will have to save her money to buy her own harness and let me just say that wont be happening anytime soon, the girl couldnt even hold on to her tooth fairy money! By the way there is a funny story behind all that I should share maybe next time! :0)

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dennis hodgson said...

Start them early. Of course rock climbing is potentially dangerous, but you work hard to minimize the risks. I took out my son for the first time when he was eight years old [a 460-foot climb graded "difficult"]. Ten years later he was leading "extremely severe".

Rock climbing: an introduction is a retrospective view of my climbing career.

By the way, it's rapelling (French), or abseiling (German) if you're British, like me.