Sunday, September 19, 2010

Chickens, Trampolines, Creeks, and McDOnald's

On Saturday I had a lot going on with cakes so David being the sweet husband that he is decided to take the kiddo's to his moms to play and hang out. Because of smoking and dogs the kids have not been to her house in a very very very long time. So they were very excited, the plan was they all were going but Bryson would have to stay outside the whole time.

That of course was no problem for them so they were very excited. A while back David's mom purchased some chickens and a neighbors little boy takes care of them. Well the kids were in play heaven because there were 4 kids to play with they had a trampoline, a creek, snapping turtles, rabbits, baby chicks, the chickens, a rooster, and I think that's it LOL.

The kids had a blast jumping on the trampoline, David said Bella had a very hard time on that she is just still too little she was all over the place he said. Bailee was more excited about holding the baby chick, im really glad we live in the city or other wise we would be having our own little farm. They had to jump a creek to get to the chicken coop so bryson thought that was a lot of fun and now David is convinced that Bryson is now ready to go hiking. That of course worked up a huge appetite which of course landed them at the good ole McDonald's to eat. Im glad that my kiddo's had some neat new experiences and it was nice for me to have a little time to get my cake done and of course some housework.:)

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