Wednesday, September 8, 2010

So Silly silly bands........

Silly bands I'm sure you all have seen or heard about silly bands by now! They are the latest craze!
Well of course my children are all about the silly bands. They have way too many, I mean like so many it leaves a mark on their arm if they leave them on overnight! Crazy I know that something that silly can be so popular.
Well as of yesterday those silly little things got not one but 2 of my kids in trouble at school! If I would have thought about it I would not have let them wear them but not thinking they would cause a problem I did not say anything to them about having them on.
Bryson was the first to tell me that he had gotten in trouble! He slowly told me the whole story and how his student teacher took it and threw it away. That I wasn't the happiest about at first but then thought to my self wait one less silly band. I explained to him they were to never be worn again.

So the afternoon continues on and then Bailee decides to tell me that she got in trouble with her silly bands as well. I ask her why and the reason that they BOTH Got in trouble was because they both had them in their mouth! Well Hello they both know better not so sure as to why that even happened in the first place!

Usually in the afternoon the kids know to clean out their backpacks and hang them by the door. I have to sign a sheet each day that tells about their behavior. Last night after putting the kids to bed I thought well where is Bailee's backpack, she had taken it in her room because she failed to mention to me that the teacher had marked her folder for not following directions.
Sneaky I know, but her teacher did have on there that she went from a 5 to a 4 because of not following directions and that she had earned herself back to a 5. Now this was a big deal in our house because one it was over something so SILLY that it shouldn't have been, but thankfully the teacher was understanding and gave Bailee a chance to redeem herself and all things are well now!

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